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As usual, I'm back with my new years resolutions that I may or may not keep. I am posting in said resolutions in February because (A) I've been too busy and exhausted to get around to it and (B) as January flew by, I realized reviewing how I did with my resolutions in that first crucial month would be a better use of my blogging time.

So first and most important to my 2017 goal making and keeping process is my Passion Planner. I discovered the joys of this motivational and organizational beauty back in November and then fell into the planner addiction rabbit hole, complete with pretty stickers and a large collection of stationary.

The philosophy behind the planner is enticing and I can't help but love its creator, Angelia Trinidad's positivity and generosity, making it not only a product that I enjoy using because it is practical, but also because supporting the company supports so much more. Yes I sound like an ad for Passion Planner and I'm okay with that. I've gifted or convinced a few people to get one. I have no regrets, and so far, neither do they.

As Passion Planner notes in its introduction, writing things down is a powerful tool. I've got lots of apps like calendars and to-lists, but having everything in this one book that also will serve as a keepsake when the year is through is definitely helping to keep me on track with my goals -- at least the ones that I have a solid plan for. Like writing.

Writing is on my resolution list and is in my planner this year, but I am admittedly failing at it once again. I still have 11 months to recover and progress, but I fear that once again the year will fly by with me accomplishing very little with respect to the stories I have in my head that are begging to come out. They obviously aren't begging hard enough or else I would find a way to make the time and frame my mind for the peace and quiet I need to just write write write. I have put together several pieces for WWAC and Bibliosanctum in this past month alone, but straight up sitting down to write creatively is so damn hard (whine whine whine). And to be fair to myself, real life priorities do get in the way such that, when I do have time that I could be writing, my brain is just too fried to do anything other than shut down and turn to something that does not take quite as much brain power and focus. By that, I usually mean gaming.

But even then, my gaming was sidelined for the first half of the month due to busy-ness and making sure I am getting in appropriate amounts family time. But after a while, I need the destressingness of blowing shit up and derping around in virtual worlds. This month, I must finally turn my attention to Geralt of Rivia, whom I have been neglecting for far too long. Witcher's gotta witch.

I'm not sure how it came about, but this year, I decided to take up crocheting. This sudden inspiration has developed into two blankets in progress for my daughters, as well as a temperature blanket that will progress throughout the year, day by day. I tend to prefer to always be doing more than one thing at a time, whenever possible, so I love that crocheting can accompany television time with the family.
Somewhere along the way, exercise has officially and finally become a regular part of my life that I do -- I'm not going to say eagerly because that would be a lie. There is still some grudgingness going on, but at least now, I like having week day exercises as part of a routine and rarely find myself making excuses to skip out. Having it all written down in my planner is possibly part of that motivation.

Finally, in October, I turned 40. This year, my intention is to embrace that and truly enjoy life by getting out more and giving fewer fucks, even while still taking care of my responsibilities. Unfortunately, certain responsibilities are proving to be a greater hindrance than I had hoped, but hopefully situations will change soon such that I don't have to change my Year of the 40 plans, which involve spending Valentine's Day with Idris Elba (we're kidnapping Tiara and then getting matching tattoos! Idris doesn't know this yet, but I'll let him in on the plans when I win.), taking my family to a long long long overdue trip to Jamaica, returning to SDCC, and kidnapping Tiara to get tattoos and eating french fries and picking out a tiny house for my 41st birthday. Those are the big plans, but I intend to shove a lot of little adventures in there too, like, most recently, when I reconnected with my bosom buddy at a Dr. Sketchy event.

All in all, the year has gotten off to a reasonably good start.


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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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