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When it comes to creators who really push the boundaries of what comics can do, the name that automatically pops into my mind is David Mack. To me, Mack’s work epitomizes the melding of the “visual” with the “narrative,” emphasizing comics as an art form as well as a storytelling medium. I have admired his work since a wise comic book dealer introduced me to Kabuki: Circle of Blood almost 20 years ago. My original trade edition from Caliber Comics has since been loved to pieces. How convenient that Dark Horse has begun reprinting Kabuki in four gorgeous hard cover library editions, each collecting the pieces of the character and her creator’s evolution. Volume three was released just in time for SDCC, where I had the opportunity to speak with Mack about this book and his many other projects—and to indulge my curiosity. Because every time I turn a page in Kabuki’s life, I find myself wishing for a peek into the creator’s mind and to understand the process that shapes the transformations I see before me.

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2017 Reading Challenge
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