Posted by : Unknown Thursday, 3 March 2016

It’s unlikely that my sister-in-law will ever see Deadpool. She does not like violence. She’s also just rung the bell after six years of fighting cancer. She’s beaten the disease, but that doesn’t make hearing the “c-word,” much less watching someone else deal with it, very easy to handle any time soon. Meanwhile, a friend has just stepped onto this path after her mother’s recent diagnosis. Another sister-in-law works in an oncology ward. My former boss’s cancer returned after more than a decade. My mother just passed away from a disease that was not quite cancer, but it was close enough, eating her away from the inside. Cancer is a vicious disease that has touched far too many of our lives. No one is immune. Cancer is no joke. Yet, in a movie that is one inappropriate joke after another, I was struck by how prominent Deadpool’s cancer battle was to both the storyline and the characters themselves and how seriously it was taken.

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2017 Reading Challenge
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