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It’s fun to pretend to be someone else. That’s what roleplaying lets you do. Plain and simple. It’s one of the things that makes gaming so attractive. Sure, you can immerse yourself in a book or movie and pretend you are those people on the pages and on the screen, but in a game, you get to truly lose yourself and be the person you wish you could be, or empathize with someone else’s journey.

The first roleplaying game (RPG) adventure that truly introduced me to the joys of roleplaying in video games was Final Fantasy VII. I took up Cloud Strife’s greatsword and ventured into Midgar, collected materia, loved and lost, and saved the world. But that was Cloud’s story. When I stepped into the world of Vana’diel in Final Fantasy XI, my first Massive Multiplaying Online RPG (MMORPG or MMO), my character was a blank slate. I got to pick her race (elvaan), and then determine her job (red mage), and set about to defeat the Shadow Lord and break the chains of Promathia and discover Aht Urghan. These experiences are integral to my gaming career, but, I learned later, they hadn’t taken me as deeply into the possibilities of roleplaying as I thought.


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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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