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Bioware promised me a return to Bioware storytelling. I read that as an opportunity to flirt with more NPCs. I was good though. I ignored the trailers for the new expansion and offers of all sorts of superficial bonus material. Until a friend sent me an article from Kotaku that said all the right things. Well, it didn't talk about romancing all the NPCs, but it did mention all the neat time saving opportunities that Bioware has implemented, thus negating my concern that playing the game just takes up too much of my limited free time. NPCs have been jacked up to handle healing better, flashpoints can be soloed, and most importantly, you can focus only on your class story instead of getting bogged down in planetary quests (oh gods I hate you Balmorra) in order to level up enough to continue on.

I've been wanting to finish character stories for my Sith Assassin and my Trooper at least, but having checked things out, I am strongly considering playing out all the other class stories too. Read: I logged back in after hours of updates and data reorganization and the first thing I did was create four new characters to cover all the class stories. Then I logged into my other characters, the ones with cash, so I could buy outfits for my new characters. You cannot save or destroy the galaxy if you don't look good. Rules.

Precious time sufficiently wasted, I hopped on to my Sith Assassin and finally finished up her story. This initially involved spending time with her companions, including the angsty Ashara who mainly just talked a lot in order to work through her Sith/Jedi confusion and eventually answered her own questions. Thirty minutes later, I had a good chunk of experience points and a loyal follower. Then I went off to do Krav Maga or whatever it is the Sith do to prove themselves in battle.

Lord Daithni won, of course, with the help of the ghost Sith she'd captured. But she's a nice Sith and she released them in the end. Now she sits upon the Dark Council, working on taking it apart from the inside.

Next up is my Trooper. Kotaku did not lie. It's way easier to get through the game now. I don't even need to think of it as an MMO, which was half the problem when it first started. As a first attempt at an MMO, it was valiant, but there were so many elements of the game that kept me forever lamenting that it would have been better as KOTORIII solo. Then it went free-to-play and ruined things even more with its ridiculous nickel and diming. That aspect is still in full effect, but of course I've subscribed anyway even as I complain because I can't bloody well have my characters wearing ugly hats and unmatching outfits and running really slow. Gosh.

After all this, I haven't even touched the new content yet, even though the trailer did look very good. Just goes to show that, in spite of its problems, this game has always had something going for it (beyond my undying blind Bioware obsession).


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