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It's a rare thing for the kids to be away, since we live far from family, but as they make more friends, it's easier to ship them off. Even better when they go to a friend's house who's happy to let them sleep over. Huzzah! (Will definitely have to return the favour). I was looking forward to a day on the town with my husband, unfortunately, he wasn't able to make it and it was too short notice to find any friends for my informal plans. Rather than stay home and wallow in my disappointment, I decided turn a date day into a solo birthday adventure.

The first stop was the Everything To Do With Sex Show. I went to the show when it first started 16 years ago and have been a couple of times since, but fell out of the habit over the years. I decided to remedy that and excitedly bought tickets a month in advance. I was still a little sad walking in the front door, but was immediately cheered up by some lovely ladies who invited me to join them in their ballpit. Turns out, the Oasis Aqua Lounge they were promoting doesn't actually have a ballpit, but I hope they will consider my suggestion for adding one.

From there I want exploring the aisles and found the typical collection of corsets and lingerie. I thought I'd be tempted by the corsets to add to my growing collection, but I was very good. In fact, the only thing I bought were Egyptian cotton sheet sets, because with the new house pending, I'm in full on home décor mode. Still, I could admire the booths' various offerings, which unsurprisingly included all sorts of sex toys and more dildos and vibrators than you can shake a penis at.

I arrived just in time for the amusing fashion show, but more importantly, I moved on from the fashion show stage and caught the mini-stage featuring a stunning, live burlesque performance by Miss Kitten Kin Evil.  Monde Ose's Burlesque Ball will be coming to town next March and I will most definitely be there.

I left there in the early afternoon and in spite of Google Map's attempts to send me gods know where, I made it to my second destination in no time: Cakes Cove bakery where everything was all dressed up zombie style. I met the proprietor, Sam, as Fan Expo last month, and was so pleased to have the opportunity to visit her place of business and see, first hand, where the sweet, sweet magic is made. And also to geek out about our shared love of Mass Effect and get some more home décor ideas (like Cerberus patterned sitting cushions.

It was barely 4pm by now and I didn't want my day to end. I wanted to add dinner and a movie, but there was still time to kill, so I decided to check in on my dad, who informed me that my brother and his family were on their way over. Bonus! An impromptu birthday party for myself and my nephew ensued, with cake and pizza, then I headed off to watch Crimson Peak, which turned out to be as visually sumptuous as my friends promised.

Drove home through a beautiful storm and made it home before the coach turned into a pumpkin. Happy birthday to me ^_^

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I work at Oasis Aqualounge, thanks for mentioning us.

    A ball pit at a sex club sounds like a great idea, but it just would not work. One of the keys to a good sex club experience is for it to be really, really clean. And there is just no effective way to clean the balls in a ball pit everyday. All it would take is one person having a great sexual experience in the ball pit, and then the next person would have a bad experience.

    All our surfaces have to be non-porous and wipeable, because people can have sex anywhere, and so we have to thoroughly clean up after them.


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