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Thoughts on Glen's ambiguous death:

Honestly I hope that he is dead. I love Glen, but to let him survive another pile on of zombies, this one huge, just so fans can have him back is ridiculous. This is a show about survival and they were in a bad situation. Fans have too long decided on who gets to live. This is an apocalypse, not a dating show. His death is a reminder that no one is safe. I don't think it is a dick move by writers to kill a character who has been walking on borrowed time since the bat in Terminus. Frankly, I love the way he died because he was true all the way through and it was a horrible death, but better than the senseless violence of the comic, which some people were still expecting. I hope Negen isn't still on the table because yet another big bad to prove that Rick isn't as crazy a leader as he seems? Come on, humans can apocalypse better than this. As if a horde and a cult of crazy wolves isn't enough, let's up the ante with a psycho that out psychos the Governor. I'd like to hope that Kirkman is taking the opportunity to do a bit better with the storytelling here. Frankly, I would have loved to see a season where everything actually is working out at Alexandria. But Rick's paranoid ruins everything. Not a horde of thousands of zombies. Not a mad cult. Just Rick. Let him go.

But I digress. This is about Glen.

From a writer's stand point, writing a survivor story with so many uncontrollable factors, I don't want to see beloved characters die the perfect meaningful death where everyone gets perfect closure and rallies for revenge or spirals into darkness. The whole point of this world is the frightening uncertainty of not knowing if you or your loved ones will make it home so every parting has to be a meaningful one. His death here sucked and I put it all on Rick. Nicholas wasn't ready but Rick let him go and for Glen that meant he would be his downfall because Glen looks after the dumbasses who maybe don't deserve the chance to live because they are stupid in face of such danger (like Rick at the beginning, who Glen saved). Nicholas' final words were powerful. "Thank you." The title of the episode. Thank you for standing by me when you could have turned your back or even killed me yourself. But Glen would never do that. That's not who he was. He never took a human life and gave everyone that chance and Maggie loved him for it. It really and truly sucks that his beautiful soul is what killed him, but that is what makes his death meaningful to me. That he was still that to the end. And that this wasn't the senseless violent death alluded to in Terminus, or some blaze of glory moment. Because this show is already unrealistic in so many ways. I don't want a contrived death for Glen just to appease my adoration of the character.

Right now the dick move of the writers is not being clear on his death because they know they can milk it. The irony is that if you watch the episode now, everything about it points to his death with all sorts of heavy handed tropes, and his call back to the first encounter with Rick where he calls him a dumbass. I know what happens to Maggie in the comics. I am interested to see if they let her walk that road, or if, like so many other characters, Kirkman takes the opportunity to change things for the... better, as he did with Carol. I note that Tyrese sadly got the short end of the stick in that light, but I kind of blame fans for that... It's the same concept of hoping Glen makes it because he's one of the Atlanta Five and fans have made him immortal. Glen should have died earlier and Daryl shouldn't even exist, but catering to Fan love could well have been what led to Tyrese dying instead. Honestly, I am hoping the writers are brave enough to end this show as darkly as it should be. There is no happy ending here.

But while I'm firmly standing in the Glen is dead, deal with it camp, my little beacon of hope is that Maggie is pregnant and this is where we'll see Glen live on....


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