Posted by : Unknown Sunday, 4 January 2015

When my daughters (6 and 9) saw the trailer for Annie, the first words out of their mouths were "She looks like us!"

Those words made my heart burst.

When I go to the movies, read books or comics, or watch television shows, I am acutely aware of the fact that I rarely survive apocalypses, I'm the first to die -- especially if I get a close up, it's unrealistic to have me live in the same part of town as dragons. I am a slave, a thug, a maid. I'm just a token, a sidekick, maybe even an exotic girlfriend.

I hate that this is what I see when I am meant to be entertained. I hate that it's the first thing on my mind.

But for my daughters, when I took them to see Annie, they got to see themselves in a role that any little girl could play. With no psychological baggage attached. My wish for them is to be able to see lots more movies like this where everyone has a place.

It was very important for me to take them to see this movie. Specifically for them to see it in the theatre where my wallet could speak to the fact that people will watch movies with PoC leads. Movies that aren't just about the "black experience," but are movies that everyone can empathize with and enjoy.

After all, as much as Hollywood feels it's a risk to cast PoC leads who aren't firmly established, ultimately, the only colour the big execs understand is green.

Was this a great movie? No, it wasn't fantastic, though Quvenzhané Wallis most certainly was. Technically speaking, the choreography was lacking and the sound editing was off and the characters were shallow and there was too much product placement. But my opinion doesn't matter, nor do the opinions of all the critics who have had similar thoughts. My kids came out of the theatre satisfied, singing about the sun coming out tomorrow, even though we walked out into a snow storm. And so were all the other people who came out of the theatre, young and old.


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