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I guess they couldn't call the sequel "300:2," but I would have accepted "Previously On 300," since a good chunk of Rise of an Empire was just rehashing what good old Leonides was doing on the other side of the mountains (hint: dying). 300: Rise of an Empire is supposed to explain what caused this whole problem with the Persians, as well as tell us what is going on during and just after the sacrifice of the mighty Spartans, whose martyrdom united the rest of Greece against the god king Xerxes.

Frankly, I came here for manflesh and Xerxes, but all I got was meh. While I did appreciate Eva Green and her glorious boobs, I had to see the latter in the most purely pointless and unsexy sex scene I have ever endured this side of pornography. I managed not to sleep through it, but eventually fell asleep at the last half hour (after having my husband fastforward through the previous half hour). Normally, I'm on my husband's case for willful suspension of disbelief in movies and television, but this is one of the few movies where even I can't turn off simple logic rules and just enjoy the film. Especially when there was so little to enjoy. Characters were so dull and obvious in their plodding paths. Despite his name being repeated throughout the entire movie, I was constantly forgetting Themistocles, who apparently caused this whole war in the first place.


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