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I have been contemplating a third tattoo for a while, but until I was inspired to look up chaos theory and the butterfly effect, I finally found an image and a symbol that spoke to me. My new ink is in keeping with my zodiac theme, adding the Celtic zodiac symbol for my birth to the dragon and scorpion tattoos that I already have.

It represents something that I thought I'd lost. A rebirth, if you will. And many other things, not the least of which has a lot to do with my love of books and, subsequently, of writing.

This is my butterfly in the sky.

I also had him touch up my dragon. The one people who obviously don't know me mistakenly call a seahorse, thereby earning my secret ire.

The problem with tattoos is that they get under your skin, so to speak. My inking process has occurred three times over two decades, but now I'm already thinking about another. And another. If I'm not careful, I'll end up like my Saints Row character... although I really do like her spiderweb tat...

That's not too far off the mark though. My zodiac triptych is complete. Now I'll move on to my geekery -- specifically, gaming, and the game that started me down a long road.

I'm on an ink high, though, so I'll pace myself before committing to the needle just yet. Good thing my new tattoo artist is booked up till next year...

I should go.


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2017 Reading Challenge
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