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There are many reasons why I have come to like Showtime's Penny Dreadful, not the least of which is the magic of its writing. Some of my favourite quotes...


Vanessa: Your father loves you very much and would do anything to save you. But I love you in a different way. I love you enough to kill you.

Dorian: I suppose we all play parts.
Ethan: What's yours?
Dorian: Human.

Vanessa: Is it poisonous?
Dorian: Like all beautiful things, I hope so.

Dorian: What does it say to you?
Vanessa: Touch me with your finger, softly. My scent on your neck. Open your lips. Taste.

Victor: You seek to threaten me with death? If you seek to threaten me, threaten me with life.

Caliban: I learned to stay in the shadows. To protect such a heart as this you gave me.

Ethan: Do you believe in God?
Sembene: I believe in everything.

Vanessa: I think, Mr. Gray, there are... tremors around us. Like the vibrations of a note of music. Hidden music. Some might be more attuned to them than others. What do those people do, those who have been chosen?
Dorian: They endure uniqueness.
Vanessa: To be alien. To be disenfranchised from those around you, is that not a dreadful curse?
Dorian: To be different, to be powerful... is that not a divine gift?
Vanessa: To be alone.
Dorian: To be seeking.
Vanessa: What?
Dorian: Another.
Vanessa: Like you.
Dorian: Who shares your rarity.
Vanessa: Then you are no longer unique.
Dorian: Nor are you alone.

Dorian: Photographs are so ironically impermanent. They capture one moment in time to perfection. A painting can capture eternity.

Dorian: You have exceptional composure.
Vanessa: Do I?
Dorian: Poise, I mean.
Vanessa: Control.
Dorian: Yes. What if you were to abandon this?
Vanessa: I couldn't.
Dorian: Why?
Vanessa: There are things within our soul that can never be unleashed.
Dorian: What would happen if they were?
Vanessa: They would consume us, we would cease to be and another would exist in our place, without control. Without limits.

Vanessa: Don't ask permission. If you want to do a thing, do it because it is your desire, not my allowance. You must risk rejection.

Victor: I believe in a place between Heaven and Hell. Between the living and the dead. A glorious place of everlasting rebirth, perhaps even salvation. Do you believe in such a place? Well, there is a price to pay for such a passage. As there is with all things. I know that you'll pay it easily.


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