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I really wanted to like this because of Tricia Helfer. She’s her usually lovely self in it, but I got very quickly tired of her being able to solve the cases of these murderous women entirely because she’s a woman and she can understand important things like what hand a lover uses. Or menstruation or spousal abuse and stuff. Eventually, I assume she will simply respond to any man who questions her deductions with the phrase “BECAUSE VAGINA.” I would like that on a t-shirt. In fact, I may or may not have created this entire post for the sole purpose of using that phrase. And for posting a picture of Tricia. 

Feeling a bit ambivalent about this show, after loving it so much in season one that I started to see followers everywhere in real life. But there are only so many crazy people I can handle. Joe and Emma’s recent trolling of Lily was amusing, but the fact that Joe is back at all is a bit annoying and reminds me too much of Sylar from Heroes. Joe’s story was done and his death was epic enough that it would have made sense to have followers that would still come out of the woodwork to continue his legacy without him. I liked the idea of a Ryan Hardy Secret Task Force (I would also like that on a t-shirt), and while Ryan remains an interesting character, what with his renegade punching of all the things, I’m just not sure how I feel about the new crazy family.

This post is also an excuse to show off
my new obsession with Danai Gurira's
ridiculously sexy shoulders.
Sort of just here for the livetweet laughs and flails and for Michonne and Daryl and to support Carl because everyone is hating on the poor pre-teen who has had no useful role models in his life and has had to kill the one guy that was actually teaching him useful survival tips. Meanwhile, none of the grown ups seem to remember anything about surviving the zombie apocalypse. I guess it’s a good thing the Governor blew tank-sized holes in their home to remind everyone that there actually is an apocalypse going on and you can’t just relax and grow peas. See. This is why we need Carol.

Stumbled on this by accident and stayed for the LULZ.

Patiently waiting for Dorian to move in with John. Otherwise, the actual police work part of the show doesn’t really keep my attention. I tune out when they talk police stuff and tune back in when John and Dorian are bantering. This show was made for Tumblr.

It’s a good thing Ming-Na is hot and kicks ass, otherwise, I probably would not still be here. The cast has very little interesting chemistry and the dialogue is a bit sub-par, by Whedon standards. It feels almost like it’s just a good way to kill time till the next Avengers movie hits the screen.

I've missed the most recent episode that inspired Kelley Armstrong to very politely point out to fans that she does not control what the writers do with the show based on her work. I have it recorded, but have fallen out of love with it due to an overall lack of chemistry with the characters - particularly Clay and Elena. I tried to hold on, I tried to make it through the superficial changes, and I did really like that they understood important things like Stonehaven and Pack life, but beyond that, it's just not impressed me.

Catching up on this in a slow Netflix marathon. Currently on season three and am hooked. Bryan Cranston is amazing and I am also here to support Skylar, who I understand has been vilified by fandom for being human AND female. Ah misogyny.

Oh Ragnar. How are you going to explain *that* to Lagertha….

Despite Michael Bay's name being on this, we decided to give it a chance. There were surprisingly few explosions in the first episode, but there were a lot of interesting characters. Husband was impressed that they followed some actual pirate rules. Toss in a reasonably simple treasure hunt plot and there you go. Entertaining pirate TV.

This is the one show on this list that I truly care about and my flail is real and it is intense, I tell you. Episode six now, and the internet is slowly realizing that this just might be a show about nothing, though I’d rather think of it as a show about everyfuckingthing. It’s a show that takes all of our expectations and tosses them out the window. It is only the second show in my existence where I don’t want to know what will happen next (though I'm holding out hope for a music and dance finale). I just want to let it sweep me away and shock and mindfuck me with every twist and turn. It starts out as a procedural cop show, featuring a grisly murder which seems to have been solved by episode five. But by then we’re already swept up in the character study that is Rust and Marty. Perhaps some have avoided the show, offended by the role of women as 2D objects. Whores, sluts, and a wife to be used as a plot device. Until Maggie takes our hypocrisy into her own hands and slaps us in the face with it in an act I like to refer to as Skylar’s Revenge.

When I started watching this, I couldn’t understand why I liked it so much, even though I couldn’t connect with any of the characters. I later determined that this was because I couldn’t ‘ship anyone, and have come to terms with this. Then I was suckered into reading The King in Yellow along with the rest of the internet. And I flail about this show every day like I flail about no other. I am slowly becoming convinced that it is the greatest trick television has ever played. Because we are the ones being watched.


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