Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, 1 January 2014

I was going to be lazy and not do the resolution thing this year. I was going to be lazy period and not get up until at least 10:00AM. Well it's 9:53 right now, and I was already up at 7:34 with my youngest. After she finished her Rice Krispies, she turned on the TV and there were the Mini Pops shouting "I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL!"

I take this as an omen. I'm going to say a good one, because at least it wasn't actually Miley Cyrus singing.

So fine. Here I am making resolutions then. Like last year, I'm going to limit myself to resolutions that reflect things I actually enjoy doing. Namely, Reading, Writing and Gaming. I'm not going to say shit about self-improvement. I might consider doing some sit-ups, but that stuff is not going to last beyond February.

GAMING: I've already started working on my Gaming To-Do List. I won't make promises on not buying and playing any new games because DCUO is currently downloading in the background.

READING: I've set my Goodreads Challenge to 150 books for the year. I know I can do this, because I just did. The success of our book blog certainly helps with this motivation, as well as makes my book pile much larger. I did say something about not buying any more books this year, though. Which is why it's good that I ordered and pre-ordered all those books before 2013 ended. Whut?

WRITING: All right this is where I'm going to get serious. I finally did NaNoWriMo last year and disliked it, but I am going to abide by at least one of its precepts and try to write every day. I won't focus on just one thing, or on a big word count, because that's where NaNo lost its enjoyment for me. But I will write. How does 500 words a day sound? Yeah. That sounds good. Whether it's fanfic, contracted work, reviews, blogging or my own stories, I'm going to do this. This post is already over 300 words. See? Not so hard at all.


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2017 Reading Challenge
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