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I successfully resisted the Steam Holiday Sale for all of two days before I added more games to my library that I probably won’t play for months. BUT I WILL PLAY THEM, DAMMIT. I just needed the trading cards right now. Oh gods, Steam don’t ask for my children okay? I’m not sure I’ll be able to say no….

Anyway. The library is not as large as some people I know, but it’s more than enough, much like my to-read pile when it comes to books. But I have a system for my bibliophilia! I make lists of things I will read and in what order. It helps me stay focused and, while other things might slip in between, the point is the ones on the list will be completed because they are blogged and blogging means they are official and that means I can no longer resist it. So here’s my plan for gaming:

I didn’t plan to ever play this game, but then mods happened. Technically, I could have finished this long ago, but I’ve very purposely ignored the actual story missions because it’s so much damn fun to explore. I normally don’t play a game specifically for trophies, but since the trophies are related to exploring and having fun doing the myriad of quests, it’s all going hand in hand. But. It’s time I get on with helping those Nords figure their shit out, and maybe check in with the vampires and Dawnguard, too.

The Walking Dead Season 2 is finally out, as well as The Wolf Among Us. These are released in short episodes, so no reason not to get them started, even though I know now that they will tear at my heart. I played TWD all seasons at once, so I do want to experience the anticipation that goes along with the episodic release. And I really do need to be finished before Telltale Games releases their Game of Thrones episodes.

This is my mindless fun game, and similar to Skyrim, I’ve been spending more time wandering around the map doing challenges, rather than continuing with the incredibly, awesomely stupid story. This is a pretty short game, so no more excuses for not finishing it. Also have a few more missions to complete in SR3 for the PS3.

The Witcher 3 is coming out in 2014 and I have been threatening to play this series since Mass Effect 3 hurt my soul. I started The Witcher during Extra Life, but haven’t touched it since. But I have sworn that 2014 will be Geralt’s year, and have even put the book the game is based on on my reading list. I am resolved to play these and have them finished before The Wild Hunt release…

New gaming rig means I can handle this big ol' MMO again. Cipher Nine has a new haircut and implants and matching attire, and I'm now on my way to level 55 with her in the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion.

MAYBE LIST: Jade Empire is close to finished, but it hasn’t been as compelling as other Bioware games, so I’m a bit stuck on it. For the sake of completion though, I’ll get around to it soon enough. Heavenly Sword is going to get one more chance to prove itself, then I’m moving on to Batman: Arkham Asylum. Bruce understands me and my coordination issues – at least, he does now, and I know he forgives me. Nariko, on the other hand, not so much.

GODDAMMIT STEAM LIST: What do you mean there are now achievements for Final Fantasy VII and VIII? Shut up. No. Go away.

NOPE LIST: Mass Effect. Stop it. I am not replaying you. Leave me alone.


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2017 Reading Challenge
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