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Dude, I'm getting a Dell!
For months, I have been lamenting the state of my PC and its limited space. I’ve relieved the latter problem by uninstalling most of my Bioware games (at much cost to my soul), but the PC, as good as it actually is, just can’t keep up with my game play. Recent game purchases don’t even bother to ask anymore if I want to set to the lowest possible graphic standards to handle them. The games just pat me on the head condescendingly and adjust the settings for me. This PC is only five years old or so, but you know how technology works these days and gaming software is no exception. Just look at Mass Effect, which started out as a 5 GB game and ended the trilogy with almost 30 GB. Of course my poor PC can’t handle it and worse, my screenshot collection suffered for it.

Of course, all of this complaining over the past year can be blamed entirely on Mass Effect, and therefore Bioware – because Bioware ruins everything. I was never a PC gamer until I was introduced to that game and from there, it all went down hill. PC gaming automatically means developing a sordid relationship with Steam. My Steam library is now filled with games that I swear I’m going to play one day. How can I resist $5 games? And when I try to resist, Steam whispers huskily in my ear, “Achievements,” backed by Raptr’s unsubtle challenge “Your friend just surpassed you in this game. What are you going to do about it?”

Meanwhile, my other past times reside on my little laptop which was purchased before my PC gaming began. It fulfilled my social media, writing, blogging and digital reading needs, but, being of much lesser value, is now chugging along. The little laptop that could.

The plan this Christmas originally to get a new PC. For the sake of value, I was going to follow the path of many of my gaming friends in the know and have a system built by a local company, under the watchful eye of digitaltempest. Was she able to teleport to my location, DT would have personally built the new machine for me, but her input is enough to earn her place in the naming of my new computer, Meredith Tiara B (if she’d actually built it for me, it would be called Tiara Meredith B. Obviously). I could have ended up with, according to PC Gamer, a Valve worthy build for a great price, but recent discussions with my husband I succumbed the practicality of getting a laptop instead. We returned to Dell and spec’d out a few. We’re disappointed in the limited vcard and solid state options (heehee look at me using those words like I actually know what they mean), but I can still get a great machine, approved by DT. It’s more than I wanted to pay, but it’s more pragmatic for my needs. Now that I’m spending more time writing, I’d have needed to upgrade my laptop anyway.

So my Christmas gift will be a shiny new laptop. My first task will be to set up a little shrine on my desktop for the Bioware games that I sacrificed this year. Hopefully they can forgive me. And I will run around whoring bandwidth so I can get all my goodies loaded up…


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