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A few television seasons ago, I made the mistake of missing out on a lot of great shows because there just wasn’t enough room on the DVR and I had Mass Effect to concentrate on. I’ve since fixed that, doing my best to get in on as many of the awesome new and continuing shows out there. And I have the GetGlue stickers to prove it.

Almost Human
This is the newest addition and I’m so impressed with it. Usually shows need a few episodes to prove themselves, but Almost Human went all in on the perfection right from the get go. Soundtrack could do with some work, but I appreciate the no expense spared FX. I appreciate that they tucked all of John’s angtsy bitterness into the first episode, but quickly brought him around to broTP status with Dorian by the end of the show. By episode two, which aired the following day, they had already established their buddy clone cop status and proved themselves to the doubting jerks. They have great chemistry and Tumblr is well on the way to making them immortal in every way possible. Special recognition going to Karl Urban’s intense eyebrowing. Deacon is trying really hard to convince me that the show smells too much like TekWar, which I probably watched two episodes of, mainly because I liked that guy from My Two Dads.

American Horror Story: Coven
I’m not really a horror fan, and didn’t think I’d care about this show, especially if it spent a lot of time focusing on the students. But it doesn’t. It’s all about these three ladies and by the gods do they BRING. IT. The students still get to do their thing and I love that at least two of the actors are not your typical Hollywood types, but yeah. I am watching it for these three. Every Wednesday. I am there.

Agents of SHIELD
This is not the greatest show on earth, but it’s amusing and a friend comes over every week to watch it with us, which makes it worthy. My friend and my husband do their best to suspend their disbelief, though sometimes it’s hard and I have to remind them that this is a show based on a movie with mutants, gods, aliens and Tom Hiddleston. We have our predictions on who will sleep with whom and by what episode, but we were all wrong. That said, I’m quite happy with the resulting hook up and the implied hawt, angry sex in the most recent episode. Hopefully Agent Coulson will stop brooding over his return to life, though. Doesn’t he know he’s in a Marvel show? Resurrection is a standard part of your contract.

The first five minutes of this show sold me hard and made me want to be a gladiator in a suit too, but season three has gone full blown soap opera and is getting a bit tiresome. But addictive. My twitter feed was not impressed with the recent episode’s turn of events against the character of Mellie, which used a cheap and offensive plot device to try to garner more sympathy for a character we already understood to be deserving of our sympathy. At least one character has become extremely annoying and will hopefully die soon, but other characters like Lisa Kudrow’s senator rock the screen. Need a whole lot more Harrison though. He’s being sorely underused.

Sleepy Hollow
If you’re not watching this, then you’re silly. As is the show. Once we realized that fact, we just say back and enjoyed and I joined the livetweeting goodness that even earned me a reprimand from The Orlando Jones himself.
The show has earned a season 2 that I credit entirely to the adorable cast and their adorable adorableness. When a cast feels so good about their own show/movie and their co-workers, that energy extends to the product and viewers can’t help but be swept along.

The Walking Dead
I complained about season 2 being too boring, but I am better now, understanding that this is a human story and not just about zombies all the time. This season has definitely been all that, particularly with the last episode’s big focus on the Governor and his potential reform. It was a mostly tedious episode because I’d read a lot of these scenes in the novelization, but I did like that they didn’t take him the menacing vengeance route that was implied in the previews. At least… not yet…. Meanwhile, there are few conflicts that need to be resolved, and we’ve thinned out the herd and Rick is a farmer now and Carl has the Hat of Evil back and Carol is awesome. We’ve also started watching Talking Dead afterwards, which is hit or miss on its guests.

Still on the list:
Modern Family continues to be hilarious and a great commentary on, well, family. Once Upon A Time is now about seeing how the show has altered Disney’s stories. And Hook. Yes. Hook. I need to catch up on Lost Girl, but they are all there waiting for me. Can’t miss out on all that fine faeness. Legend of Korra is piling up on the DVR. Despite my distaste for the show, I am still curious to see if Korra will figure her shit out. Archer. All kinds of wrong, but we love it. Brooklyn Nine-Nine I found by accident and now we can't get enough of this hilarious cop show.

Shows that failed to stay on the list:
Ironside. Got my Blair Underwood sticker and left. Not sure why I didn’t care, but don’t care enough to find out if I should care. I wanted to like The Blacklist, but after the first episode of utter FBI incompetence and subsequent episodes of “oh look James Spader has escaped them again and manipulated the entire episode to his advantage,” I gave up. Dracula presented some intriguing twists on the story that I meant to follow up on, but just haven’t.

Looking forward to the return of:
Orphan Black. Tatiana Maslany is amazing in the role of all the clones, and she’s got the award recognition to prove it. Definitely need to know what boss clone is going to do about Sarah’s refusal to play her game now.  Cougar Town is always good for a laugh and I’ve heard that there are images of Joe Carroll popping up in advertisements for the return of The Following in January. January should give me enough time to cope with my feelings about this and upgrade my paranoia over the fact that I’ve already spotted several of Carroll’s followers right in my home town… And then there's Game of Thrones. Duh.


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