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I'm exhausted, I've got a huge headache, but it was worth it. Dungeons have been cleared, dragons and mutants have  been killed, homies have been rescued, Triss was cured and Tyria has been explored. Oh, and along with 29,000 other gamers, and in spite of the despicable attacks against our efforts, we raised over 3.4 million dollars and hopefully put a few smiles on the faces of Children's Miracle Network Hospital kids and their families.

Some people still believe that video games are for kids and don't understand why someone like me would be playing them. Normally, I would show you statistics and argue that games have matured significantly along with us and explain why gaming has become such a big part of my life. But this weekend, I'll just smile and nod and agree. This weekend, our gaming absolutely was for the kids and as a gamer and a mother, I'm proud to have been able to turn my hobby into a positive force to help raise funds for Extra Life.

Special thanks to my sponsors, who helped my surpass my goal: Heather, Robin, Nabby, Sophie, Lisa, Cassandra, Ryan, David, Paul, Laura and Shelley. And to my teammates, Tiara and Deacon. And to my husband Joseph for keeping me very well-fed and children free. (NOTE: Donations are still being accepted until December.)

So what did I play all weekend? Visit my Raptr profile for the complete rundown and time tracked. Meanwhile, here's a pictorial summary...

Deacon and Tiara and I decided to get a jump on Extra Life on Friday night with a return to Guild Wars 2. Halloween events were tapering off, while Scarlett and her toxic minions were busy poisoning various locales. Deacon didn't die nearly as often as he usually does and I successfully failed at jumping puzzles. The following day, Tiara and I returned to Queensdale with new mesmers.

I grabbed Typing of the Dead: Overkill in the Steam Halloween sale and had to stop myself from playing it all on day one. I'm an executive administrator. Typing is my life. Typing to kill zomb mutants is my new life. I am adding my scorecard to my resume.

I had intended to play more of The Witcher for the weekend, but I got a fair start into the series I've been meaning to play for a very long time, more so now with the third edition on the way. I've already met the annoyance of the game's fighting and upgrade processes, but there are too many good things about the story and how it handles the decision making process... choices really do matter...

I dropped by Skyrim with the intention to visit Solstheim and earn a few trophies there. But as usualy, I got distracted by everything else on the map and ended up clearing a few other dungeons and quests instead.

Finally, Tiara and I earned a few trophies and amused ourselves in Saints Row IV. We worked on our missions, rescuing homies from captivity. Mostly this was entertaining, but after awhile, chasing after people became tedious and at 3am, I called it a night.


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