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I've been voting for The Walking Dead game as Game of the Year and recommending it to TWD fans who might not even be gamers, so it was about time I actually got to playing it myself.

I've just finished episode one and my verdict is: so far so good. As in, I spent lots of time yelling at my computer screen because OMG how are you not letting me explore the house to find food and weapons?? I can't beat zombies with a walkie talkie! Wait no I am not giving you my axe! Shut up with your yelling while zombies are around!!

But seriously. Actually, that was seriously. I have been yelling at the game, much to my husband's amusement. I am enjoying it though. It's not a frighteningly tense game, despite the moments of choice I've been forced into. Perhaps that will change as the episodes deepen. The important thing is choice, and voila my choices for episode one. Mild spoilers ahead.

I done gived you space. 
The almost even scores across the board surprised me a bit, but notably, the choice of who to save at the end is where things differ greatly. I wonder if things would be different if the two characters had both been male or both been female. My decision was a practical one: Carley was a damn good shot and a cool head in desperate situations. She also respected my decisions, even if she didn't agree with them. And she showed reason over Lee's past. Meanwhile, Doug took far too many opportunities to yelling while I was trying to be inconspicuous. I blame the pharmacy overrun entirely on his stupid. Liability had to die.

I am loving Clementine and the relationship that is building with Lee. Clementine is not a whiny kid. She's very helpful, even when the shit hits the fan. I'm also impressed with the fact that the main character isn't automatically thrown into the leader role, as would be expected of a main character.


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