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Someone maaaay or may not have dared me to review dino porn for my book blog. Strictly speaking, this particular genre (what is this genre? I'm not even sure) and style, doesn't quite suit The BiblioSanctum, but I'm sure I can find some room for it here at Maybe Tomorrow.

As first born in her family, Paola expected to attend the prestigious university, but her parents chose to send her younger brother instead, leaving Paolo to tend to the farm and protect the animals from dangerous predators. Paolo cannot understand why her parents would do this to her and, in a moment of anger and despair, she runs off into the wilderness where she comes face to face with the deadliest of foes: a velociraptor. Armed with only her grandmother's dagger, Paolo does her best to fend off her attacker, only to find that this fiend desires far more than than the mere taste of her hot blood and tender flesh.

This was a surprisingly well written tale of forbidden love and deep, dark, prehistoric desires. You may not have thought you wanted dinosaur erotica, but reading this book will convince you otherwise.

Our protagonist is not your typical angsty teen who sleeps with dinosaurs just to spite her parents. Paola has heart and George, the dinosaur with whom she falls in love, soon learns that there is much more to life than what Stephen Spielberg led him to believe. The characters have a lot of depth and their relationship grows into something surprisingly tender, while still passionate. 

My only issue with the book was the introduction of George's ex-mate, Marsha the maiasaura. I felt that Marsha's character existed only as a plot device to force George into choosing one female over the other. I would have liked to see Marsha's character be more fleshed out to understand why a maiasaura would have left her close knit family unit to be with a velociraptor in the first place. 

Disclaimer: I did not actually read this book.


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