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Until earlier this year, I've had myself convinced that I couldn't write a novel because, while I'm great with dialogue and characterization, I lacked the skills to describe the image I see in my head in a way that ensures the reader sees it too. I have forever-work-in-progress graphic novels that rely on my artist friend Trisha to bring the imagery, but one day this year, I woke up and figured out that I could work with my verbal fountain of ideas friend, Deacon, in the same way. Since then, we've been steadily working on a joint novel project with me contributing just as much of the detail I didn't think I could handle. On top of that, I've been contracted by a game company to do some short stories to fill out their lore. I've already written 20k words, 40k words ... so what's another 10k?

In other words, no more excuses. NaNoWriMo 2013 is happening for me, with plans for yet another project (focus might be an issue... maybe...), based on a story idea that's been sitting around in my head for over a decade.

I recently picked up the trial version of Scrivener to aid in my endeavours on the recommendation of a new favourite author. I highly recommend this software, too. It appeals to the organizer in me and it simply makes writing and organizing my writing that much easier by letting me pull things apart into neat little folders, then throw it all back together.

Still, to pull off 50k words within a 30 day period is pretty daunting. That's roughly 1,600 words a day. I'm fully capable of writing that much and more when I'm on a roll, but the problem is that life tends to get in the way. And then there are all the distractions - many of which my own will of steel indulges, some of which come in the form of family interruptions. But we'll see. One thing I work well with is deadlines and pressure. NaNo covers that nicely. Not that I'm making excuses, I swear! I still fully intend to do this. But if I don't make the 50k, I won't consider it a loss because I know I'll still be able to do a helluva lot and once you get that much done, not continuing even after November ends, is just plain stupid. I got this!

I do know of one particular distraction from my NaNo'ing that I welcome. That is Extra Life on November 2. A 25 hour gaming marathon is definitely going to cut into my writing time, but it's for charity, so that makes it totally okay. What is also totally okay is if you sponsor me and/or my team! All of the money raised for this event goes to local children's network hospitals to help bring a smile to those wonderful little faces. As both a gamer and a mom, it is impossible for me not to participate in this event.

I've planned out my gaming, which will include some co-op flail in Saints Row IV, with my poor driving streamed in the honour of one of my sponsors. I plan to finally start The Witcher. There will be some SWTOR and Guild Wars 2 with the gang and I'm sure something else in my ample library will get some long awaited attention. You can track my progress on Raptr.

I have my supplies and gear all ready for this. I am so good to go!


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