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Back in March, fate and Princeless led me to Comic Book Addictions and I’ve been attending their monthly Ladies Night Comic Book Club ever since. It’s about time I finally sing the praises of this club and the ladies who attend.

Despite what Todd McFarlane believes, females do read and enjoy comics, and despite what Tony Daniel thinks, we’re not the type who will swoon over a Twilight-esque Superman/Wonder Woman miniseries. That is, if we are willing to accept this pairing at all. We might not all agree on Superman’s love life, but we love discussing it and all sorts of other things comics and related.

Our topics of conversations range from trending TV shows (oh there was Red Wedding flail), to DC’s latest controversy, to how Marvel is getting it (mostly) right with their movies, to the Super MOOC Gender Through Comics course, to OMGWTF R U DOING with Crossed Garth Ennis??? and more, with the now mandatory side boob interjection somewhere in between.

In other words, we talk about all things geeky in the kind of detail and passion that the average person might not understand – or might run away from screaming. It’s one thing to chat about these things with like-minded people online, like the recent discussions about Aquaman's feeding habits:

But it’s something else completely to enjoy such discussions face to face with people who share your interests and know that you are totally normal. Mostly normal. Sort of. But at least we’re mostly sort of normal together.

Oh and we also read and discuss comic books. This month, we’re reading Wonder Woman: The Hiketia by Greg Rucka. I’m expecting much lamentation at the next meeting over how DC and Warner can’t figure out what Wonder Woman story they should to tell in order to make the Amazonian Princess’s movie happen.

I’m no longer the nightclub girl of yesteryear. Instead, I’m quite happy staying indoors to read, write, game or cuddle up on the couch with my hubby watching TV after the kids have gone to bed. But I won’t miss Ladies Night if I can help it.


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