Posted by : Unknown Friday, 6 September 2013

I'm twice bitten with Dejah Thoris (take that as you like), and have learned my lesson, but my good friend Simon, he has not. Not that I don't understand the trainwreck temptation to check out the latest issue and hope there's something more to it than just this...

Says Simon: But I applaud that somebody gave her tassles a chain link, that's very practical that, she'll be able to... hang... her underwear on them to dry? Do you think if you tug on the chain her headpiece lights up?

And I replied: I would hope so. She'll need it whens he meets the purple men of Jupiter. Oh no wait, she's met those. The Orange men of Saturn?

S: Either that or something somewhere flushes. Which will be perfect for when she meets the brown men of Uranus.... gods. A uranus joke. I do apologise.

Okay this may just be funny to us, but that's okay. One day we may just write a Dejah Thoris comic ourselves. It doesn't seem to be that hard to do...


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2017 Reading Challenge
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