Posted by : Unknown Friday, 30 August 2013

We thought it would be zombies and/or robots that would bring about the end of civilization. We put every contingency plan in place. We thought we were so smart. But One Direction just laughed. Laughed at our foolish preparations. Laughed at our false sense of comfort.

When the first strike was launched, it was subtle. A GetGlue sticker here. A tweet there. Many unsuspecting social media users were the first to fall. Some were able to send out warning messages to their friends before succumbing, but it didn’t matter. The stickers and tweets were only the surface. Once the #1D message was out, there was no stopping it the signal quietly seeping into our brains. No amount of warnings could prevent the spread of the virus.

No. That’s not true. If only we’d paid attention, we would have known days earlier and been able to fight the insidious attack. Because you see, the woman who many saw as the harbinger of our doom, had actually been our saviour. But such is the life of a saviour. To be vilified and crucified for their actions, even as they try to save us from ourselves.

Miley Cyrus knew. She spelled it all out right there on stage for the world to see, tapping out warnings on dancers’ asses, twerking instructions and pointing out directions with her agile tongue.

Hindsight is 20/20, they say.

If only we’d listened. If only.


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