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LEGO is much more uncomfortable
to sit on than it is to step on.
I spent the entire weekend at the convention this year, giddily skipping around, free from the burden of my children. I hung out with my girlfriend at her booth, Starxade Media, and just enjoyed the convention in all its glory just like I used to many moons ago. I didn't get to hang out with the celebrities like I used to, but that's okay. We also didn't go wild on Saturday night like we used to because we are older and more mature and have come to appreciate the power of pillows and comfy pajamas.

Crowds lining up in the North
Building for autographs.
First of all, I need to sing the praises of Hobbystar for pulling off that crazy convention. For all the company's flaws, I will always be proud of my friend for building this event up from a tiny thing in the back of the South Building, to the colossal event that literally packed the streets and took over the entire convention centre. Yes there were many inconveniences, and I heard lots of complaints, but people really need to understand the scope of such an event.

Secondly, I need to thank my friend H, whom I met through Ladies Comic Book Night at Comic Book Addiction. I found CBA back in March when I went to the much smaller Toronto convention, and discovered that CBA was the only comic store that knew what Princeless was. This fateful encounter ended up at the photo ops at Fan Expo, where the wonderful and beautiful H invited my to participate in her The Walking Dead photo ops with Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun and Michael Rooker. As much as I loved the opportunity itself, I will absolutely treasure the hilarity during the almost two hours spent waiting in line.

Other celebrity highlights include going to get lemonade and meeting a werewolf and then meeting Kris Holden-Ried again later with Trisha (and getting a much better picture) and then finding out that an old friend is one of the people responsible for Captain Canuck, which Kris Holden-Ried is voicing.

We also got to meet Linda Hamilton, who is absolutely beautiful and has great taste in jewelry. I asked her if she still enjoyed acting and she said she adored it and that even the bad experiences are wonderful because of how much she loves her job.

Other celebrity sightings included Max Brooks, Ron Perlman, George Takei, Stan Lee, Shawn and Aaron Ashmore, Zachary Quinto, Michael Biehn and more.

I failed to meet Gina Torres even though she walked inches in front of me (gods she's a stunning woman). My husband was disappointed in my failure, but alas. I did end up in the the right place at the right time when she went up to see Nichelle Nichols. Seeing them both together was an incredible, awe inspiring moment.

I hadn't planned to cosplay at all, but I couldn't pass up this outfit. I ended up having to pose for a few pictures and smiling and nodding at a few adoring Batman fans who wanted to discuss Bruce's finer points. I should recommend it to Ben Affleck. Next year, my friends and I are considering going all out., but for now, I just appreciated the many cosplayers who put in some fantastic thought and effort into their costumes.

These are a few of my favourites:


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