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My latest update from Fan Expo Canada offered the opportunity to sign up for their Speed Dating feature, which I promptly shared with Digitaltempest. If and when she comes to visit Toronto, we will carefully pry off our wedding rings because we are soooo doing this! But you can't just jump into such an adventure without proper preparation. We have to plan ahead! Here are a few of our questions. Looking to date these two hot ladies? Then you better bring your triangle, square, X, circle game because your life depends on your answers!

  1. Liara or Ashley?
  2. In 20 words or less, tell me how much you love Bioware.
  3. Which Marvel character best represents you? (-89748975987154 points if you say Scott Summers.)
  4. Give me all your Steam trading cards.
  5. What is the combo for Ryu's Metsu Hadoken in SNK vs Capcom 2? (bonus points if you move your fingers and make the sound effects)
  6. Should Batman keep Superman's baby even though Clark is unwilling to pay child support?
  7. Can you talk to me like Fenris?
  8. Calibrations?
  9. Would you ship this? (Please refer to TIM H. for the complete list)
  10. How did the Red Wedding make you feel?
  11. Complete this sentence: "I think DC's New 52 is ______."
  12. Complete this sentence: "M. Night Shaymalan's Avatar: The Last Airbender was a _____ and a _____ and a solid piece of ____ that should _____ in a ____ and _____."
  13. If you could fancast the next season of Game of Thrones, what roles should Oded Fehr play?
  14. What is your favourite fandom? What does your flail look like for this fandom?
  15. Can you stealth?
  16. From the list provided, select a reaction GIF that appropriate reflects my feelings right now.
  17. Tumblr?
  18. A Wonder Woman movie starring Gina Torres as the Amazonian princess needs to happen right now because...?
  19. How many angry letters did you write to Fox and/or SyFy after the cancellation of TSCC, Firefly, Farscape, Alphas and/or Dollhouse?
  20. How many times did you watch Sharknado?


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2017 Reading Challenge
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