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So. A Terminator reboot. A $240 million Terminator reboot.

I want to say that I’m cautiously optimistic because I LOVED what they did with the Terminator lore in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but then there was Salvation, where they somehow completely forgot the most important factor in the creation of John Connor and Skynet. Without going into another ragerant on Salvation or a praisefest on TSCC (I already did both on G+ this morning), I’ll just sum up my feelings on this and say I’m nervous. No, maybe scared would be the better word.

Because you see, Terminator is my 80s baby.

Everyone has their iconic movies from their youth. This one was mine. Sure Star Wars and Indiana Jones are in there and George Lucas has left a scar on my soul with what he’s done with them. But Terminator. My precious apocalyptic cyborg baby. I can’t let anyone hurt you and this obsession with rebooting and remaking everything from my glorious past may well break me with the rebirth of this saga. But hey. At least Michael Bay isn’t attached to the project, right? See? I can be positive.

And what if. What if this reboot finally makes my dream come true? What if this reboot finally gives me the scene I have longed for since grade ten when I was collecting Terminator trading cards, finding ways to base all my English class projects on T2 and reading the novelizations?

Well then, kids, I would birth this reboot’s cyborg babies myself.

   Sarah Connor was not only the mother of the saviour, she was a strong, unerring soldier in the War Against the Machines. She was a figurehead. An indomitable leader. It was not hard to see where her son's strength and determination came from.
   Kyle Reese loved her. 

   He had never met her.
   All he had were the firelight stories of her exploits and a crumpled old photo that for some reason, John Connor had chosen to give him that first time they met. Kyle didn’t understand why the general gave him that picture, and the general didn't offer any explanation. One does not question the actions of the great John Connor. One only obeys, no matter the cost. Kyle Reese, like any other soldier in the Resistance, would give his life for John Connor without hesitation.
   And he would do the same for Sarah. 
   In every quiet moment solitude, in every moment of fear, Kyle would take the photo from his pocket, reverently unfolding it and smoothing its torn edges. It calmed him, brought him some measure of peace within the chaos and death. He would trace a finger over the soft lines of her face. Memorizing her. Imagining what she was like before the end of the world etched scars of battle and lines of age and loss into her face. 
   The second time Kyle met John Connor was momentous. The meeting came at what everyone thought was the end of the war. John had led the massive offensive attack against Skynet's base of operations, the final push. But when John and his team finally entered the facility, they found it dark. Lifeless, save for the lingering sparks of energy given off by a single machine in a large and otherwise empty room. Information flashed on the computer monitor. For Kyle, it would mean just another mission. For John, it meant Time had come.
   John Connor called for volunteers for a top secret mission and Kyle put his name forward. He didn’t expect to be chosen. He was just a kid who had done nothing to prove himself any more special than the other soldiers who’d fought at his side. Yet he was chosen above all to perform this task on which, he soon learned, their very future depended: Protect Sarah Connor.
John Connor was not known to show emotion. Someone with the fate of the entire human race resting on his shoulders didn’t have time to show that kind of weakness to the men and women who looked to him for strength. And yet there in that cold room in Skynet's belly, John chose to forego words and instead just embraced Kyle as if he did not ever want to let him go. Then he walked away, never once looking back. 

   The embrace shook him to his core far more than the impossible prospect of traveling back through time. Kyle understood the weight of the mission before him. Protecting Sarah Connor to ensure the birth and survival of John Connor himself.  The enormity of his task truly struck him Kyle as he watched John depart. Sparks from the machine behind him randomly flashed in the corner of his eyes. One last time, Kyle removed the photo of Sarah Connor from his pocket, closing his eyes and tracing the lines of her face with a fingertip, breathing her in. Finding the strength and resolve to do what he must.
   He would give his life for John and Sarah Connor.


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