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My name is Nightxade and I am a gamer. An addicted gamer. I’m not sure what step in the program this is, but it should probably start with placing the blame squarely on Steam and its blasted sales. Well, no, that’s not fair. Mass Effect ruined things first by introducing me to PC gaming. Then Steam took over, killing me softly with its sweet sweet sale songs. And then EB Games is like *right* across from the bookstore, reminding me that I do have a PS3, and well, you know. Resistance and all that.

My library is atrocious. It is full of games that I have yet to play – but don’t you doubt that I will play them, if I haven’t already started doing so. In fact, I’m in the middle of a … few… right now! (No, no I don’t need you to define how many “a few” actually is, thanks).

Remember Me: I bought this game first and foremost on principle because it’s about damn time gaming companies drop the bullshit about females not being good enough to front their games and make money. It’s sickening that the game was rejected so many times because the companies didn’t want to take the risk on a female AND PoC lead. Yeah that’s what females are. A risk. Thank the gods for Capcom being “brave” enough to give this gaming company a chance.

Is Remember Me worth my vote with my wallet? Well, yes and no. It is absolutely a beautiful game and I wish we could explore this world more. And I absolutely love Nilin and her amoral abilities and blissful acceptance of everything her friends tell her about the bad guys. I’m not far into the game to judge how well the story works out, but I do have complaints about the game play. Nilin uses “pressens” to fight, which allow you to create your own combos by unlocking various moves. The end result is still button mashing, though, and not particularly enjoyable button mashing at that.

Jade Empire: I can’t be calling myself a Bioware junkie without playing its other masterpieces (I’ll see you soon, Neverwinter Nights). Jade Empire has been fun and amusing so far and I’m enjoying the mystery of my spirit monk’s past and the disappearance of her master. I’m not quite as engaged with this game and its characters as I am with Dragon Age and Mass Effect, though.

Bioshock: My friend swears that the story gets good and it will explain why my character is totally cool with picking up random syringes he finds on the ground and injecting himself with them. I can see the potential, but it hasn’t dragged me in enough to impress me yet. I’ll give it another chance soon, but for now, there are other games in the lead.

Heavy Rain: A loaner from digitaltempest, I am playing this in short bursts and really enjoying the intrigue and the characters, even though I want to yell at one of them a whole lot

Bayonetta: A button masher, but a very challenging one. I play through this a chapter at a time because sometimes, that’s all I can take before the ragequit happens. On the other hand, the victories are very personally rewarding. Bayonetta is a lovely, lovely character. This game exudes sexuality, and I do so love a woman who is comfortable with her body. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously but I don’t find any of it tasteless or even exploitive. I love the idea of her hair being the source of much of her power (and attire), something not unheard of in magical lore. And I love the game lore and the unique enemies (angels) that she has to face.

Dragon Age: Origins: I’ve already played this on PS3, but I need screenshots of my wardens. And mods. Obviously. The ultimate pack I bought also includes the DLCs which I have not played. I’ve settled down though. I’m only (re)playing my original Dalish warden, though. I’ll leave my noble warrior and my city elf mage alone. Probably. Even though I have the Alistair’s wedding mod….

Mass Effect 2: I am still trying to play through this game with a male Shepard but even the game knows my heart isn’t in it. For some reason, it has glitched twice now and skipped through a huge chunk of the game to move right to the end. I am tempted to accept the game’s decision, but I might try just one more time.

MMOs: I keep Guild Wars 2 updated still and occasionally pop in to see what new and interesting events they have going on and get my dailies done. Meanwhile, I still have plans to at least finish up the Elona storyline in its predecessor. I’m a level 25 Imperial Agent in SWTOR now, but goddamn Balmorra remains the bane of my existence. If I can pull through that, then I can rest easy. But. Balmorra. Seriously. Evil evil place. I briefly played Neverwinter as a Halfling Control Mage and really loved the job, but I realized that I can’t be doing another MMO. That is, not with FFXIV’s release announced. My husband already plans to play, since he’ll be getting the free upgrade from v1.0. I am thoroughly tempted, partially because it’s Final Fantasy, dammit, and partially because I have a rubber arm. I also have the utmost respect for SquareEnix for what game’s rebirth means. I want to say that I am going to at least wait until I get a new PC that actually has enough room to hold this game (because I’m not sacrificing GW2 and SWTOR) , but rationally speaking, it’s a paid MMO (as it should be) and if I’m going to subscribe, then I need to be sure I’m going to play.

(NOTE: I wrote the above about FFXIV before receiving my own beta codes. Please disregard my attempt at resistance.)


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