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Remember that time I said SWTOR would be my last MMO? That was early last year, a few months before Guild Wars 2 came out and I sank myself into that one. Then, because I needed to know more about the Guild Wars lore, so I took up Guild Wars. Then Tera went free to play and I tried that out briefly. Then the Empire lured me back to SWTOR. FFXI’s new expansion teases me and FFXIV’s beta testing tempts me. This weekend, I downloaded Neverwinter, Dragon’s Prophet and Everquest.

Clearly I am a woman of my convictions.

Of this weekend’s trio, only Everquest intimidated me. I created my Drakkin and entered the tutorial and saw all the UI bars and got scared. What do you mean I have to type in my commands??!! I felt like an utter noob, realizing just how easy current MMOs have made it for us, but I later was comforted by a friend who said that even veterans like himself were intimidated by that interface. After about ten minutes of trying to figure out how to exit the game, I backed away slowly, never to touch it again. My husband used to play it, and since it’s on his PC, he may end up taking up the gauntlet.

Dragon’s Prophet is currently in closed beta and Raptr was gifting codes so I decided to check that one out. Collect and ride dragons you say? I’m listening. I created a ranger in their limited character creation screen. I approve of their outfits, but otherwise wasn’t overly impressed by the game through the tutorial. I missed voiced NPCs and the targeting was a bit annoying. When I got out of the tutorial, I was in a village where everyone had a quest marker over their head. I got as far as talking to all of them to see what they wanted me to gather and decided I wasn’t interested in doing their bidding. Dragon’s Prophet is unlikely to remain on my computer.

Meanwhile, Neverwinter has my attention for the moment. Despite the initial struggles just to create a character only to be denied when the server kept disconnecting on me, I played the tutorial and really enjoyed the combat features for my Halfling Control Wizard. I liked the story that developed in the tutorial and oh Wilfred! <SOB> I only knew you but a short while! There are still fetch quests, but I like that they are not obviously fetch quests, instead leading you around the city to help in exploration. And there are not an overwhelmingly obvious amount of them. I also like that my first major quest was a solo dungeon.

All of these games are free to play and I assume they will bug me for stuff soon. At least they haven’t bugged me like SWTOR does. A friend complained that Neverwinter is pay to win in terms of PvP - which is definitely a troublesome concept, but I don’t care about PvP except in SWTOR. Free to play is the way of the world now with all these MMOs popping up, but I still think GW2 has nailed it. I have no problem paying for the initial game. I’m honestly surprised that all these F2P models start with a free download, though I understand the desire to attract players in a sea of MMOs. GW2 will frequently do free trials but you still have to purchase the actual game. Thereafter, you only have to pay if you want cosmetic items, but I feel no further obligation to buy unless I want to, as opposed to the F2P games that I kind of feel guilty playing entirely for free. A lot of work goes into creating and supporting these games so I do want to support them and the industry.


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