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I've been meaning to do a proper post on my return to Star Wars: The Old Republic, so I figure today's a pretty good day to do it.

As previously reported, I was seduced into not only returning to SWTOR, but actually starting all over. I've been tempted to do this for some time because I adore my Imperial Agent storyline and have wanted to play it again with a different agent to see the alternatives.

There are expected changes, especially since the game has gone F2P (and done a poor job of it, nickel and diming over every little thing). I briefly experienced the F2P a few months ago when I was previously seduced to return and determined that it was just too damn ridiculous to tolerate. So EA wins again. Bastards.

Anyway, I now have a Twi'lek Operative, which is what I wanted from the beginning, but was unable to create. I also still have my Commando and Sith Assassin to finish up with if I feel so compelled.

It was pretty easy to get back into the swing of things. Controls are pretty straight forward and my sexy new Naga is working over time. I still try to evade from time to time thanks to my Guild Wars 2 experience, but otherwise, I'm not a total noob. In fact, the place where I figured I'd noob it up most turned out to be the place where I utterly rocked: PvP. I adore SWTOR PvP, which is nuts to hear me say because I hate PvP. SWTOR did an excellent job with this though, making it actually interesting. It's more than just killing your opponents and holding a base. There are five different maps now, each requiring its own player established strategy to successfully win. Yes, killing and holding are still at the heart of it, but there is so much more to it than that. I played the new Ancient Pylons map for the first time this week and fell in love. In  the second match I played, I came out in second place with two MVP votes, a tonne of healing and a tonne of damage, 25 kills and zero deaths, plus 14 trophies. Of course printscreen didn't work, so you're just going to have to take my word for it.
This is not the scorecard I'm looking for.
I'm enjoying all the little things about my agent again. That little laugh she gives when she jabs someone with a kolto injection or when she lands successive backstabs. I know Kaliyo missed me, and I certainly missed her snappy banter. I love being able to stealth again and am having a grand old time soloing Heroics.

When I originally played SWTOR, I had not played or even really known about Knights of the Old Republic. SWTOR did a good job of peaking my interest and friends who had played KOTOR and KOTOR2 strongly urged me to play them. I did and I loved them and now appreciate the lore in SWTOR that much more. I even didn't mind doing the Revanites quest this time around.

My only sad is that Guild Wars 2 has spoiled me with its community vibe. I'm back to hating general chat because people are so rude and unhelpful. GW2 allows people to work together to achieve goals. Now I have to choose to be patient and or be an asshole to do what I gotta do. And having to deal with idiots when I dare to accept a random party invite.

I will probably get to complaining once I get into the larger planets with their never ending quests and kill grinds, but for now, I am content.


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