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This is Bo. Bo is a succubus. She feeds off of her prey, causing them an orgasmic experience that can leave them under her control in their desire for more. She requires sexual energy to heal herself and her human girlfriend, unable to handle the healing process, has permitted Bo to find sustenance elsewhere when the need arises. She can kill with her power and has done so in the past – usually unintentionally or in ignorance in the case of innocent humans. Bo currently hangs out with the Light Fae, but her powers lean towards the Dark like her mother Efa, who is also a succubus and has used her powers to create sexy manslaves to do her bidding.

These are characters from the show Lost Girl, which I love, but, a friend brought up an interesting point:

What if Bo were male? An incubus?

Suddenly, the sexiness of Bo and her powers is not so sexy and the amusement of sex slaves is not so amusing…

Funny how a sex change can turn something entertaining into something dangerously offensive.


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2017 Reading Challenge
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