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ROGUEThis review contains spoilers because I can’t even bother to not make it contain spoilers.

J and I watched Rogue the other night, a drama about an undercover cop. We’d seen the trailer and were intrigued, plus we like Thandie Newton and Marton Skocas. When the opening sequence began, I immediately grew concerned. It felt like it was trying too hard to be edgy and unique. The tune was unremarkable and okay, we get it: When Thandie puts her hair in a ponytail, it means she’s no longer undercover. But whatever, I’ll let it slide.

Thandie appears as Jack, her undercover persona, working for/with Jimmy. There’s some sexual tension there. Okay. Accepted. But we were more amused by the way Thandie ridiculously overacted the part. Then she drove to a parking lot, switched coats, cars and hairstyles and headed home to her family. This part threw me off a bit. I’m not well-researched on undercover copping, but I found it inappropriate to have a woman with two children, one not older than 10 and still wetting his bed and having nightmares, disappearing undercover for long periods of time. No I’m not being sexist. Shut up. I am being a mother and for me, my family comes first. But fine. I’ll accept that the show was trying to flip the gender roles here. Grace has a job to do and is willing to make this sacrifice even though she really cares about her family. And then her son is accidentally killed. See? She’s really sad now! She totally cares about her family. See how she’s staring despondently at the memorial for her son?

From here on, my husband and I should have been playing a drinking game: take a sip for every time a cop drama trope pops up! Two sips if you can predict what they are going to say! This is what we should have done, but instead, I told him to skip to the next episode to see if things get better. I can accept shows that start with tropes to try to establish their story quickly and then move on to brilliant things, but nope. More tropes. More predictable. More overacting. Oh look. Another spot on my DVR list just cleared up.

ORPHAN BLACK: Hmmm.... I'm not sure how I feel about this just yet, but at least I'm curious enough to keep going with it for the time being. I do like this idea of a clone network, of which only some of the clones are aware.

THE BIBLE: This series on the history channel (giggle) is narrated by Keith David, which automatically gives it a high score. Throw in samurai angels of god and things started to get real! But then it started to get boring. I was hoping for a bit more drama than melodrama, but no such luck. Daniel did have fabulous hair and Black Samson looks exactly like my friend. Other than that, meh.

VIKINGS:  I'm not ... not loving it, but I'm still paying attention to it. Mostly. Okay I'm paying attention to it with half an eye but I know enough of what's going on and George Blagden live tweeting during the show is hilarious. I like to think of this show as the PR program for the vikings of lore. The kinder, gentler vikings who can still kick ass. They have carefully skirted the whole raping problem of the raping and pillaging by having the wonderful Lagertha make it clear that that ain't gonna fly.


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