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My gaming adventures have taken a hit this year thanks to a significant upswing in my reading habits. I am still gaming, with Jade Empire, Bayonetta and Bioshock occasionally getting some pixel love and I'm playing FFXIII vicariously through Digitaltempest.

Meanwhile, in MMO land, I skillfully resisted the temptation to get back into FFXI after their new update and despite Raptr constantly letting me know when my friends are playing it. I attempted Tera again when it went F2P, but quickly came to the same conclusion as before. I'm still playing Guild Wars 2 on occasion. A daily here. A new mission there. The guild still has a blast every once in a while and I still appreciate the casual nature of the game that allows for such fun to be had. Casually. Someone is tempting me with talk if FFXIV, but I won't worry about resisting that temptation until the game actually comes out and I get a new computer that can handle all these games.

This weekend, I succumbed to peer pressure and updated SWTOR on my husband's PC. I want to tell myself that I didn't want to have to interrupt his World of Tanks gaming to play SWTOR, so I went and installed it on my PC too. Good thing Happy Bandwidth Day is coming up on May 1st. Yes, I know I said I was going to show Electronic Arts how I feel about their evil ways, but let's face it. I'm in love with Bioware. Bioware doing Star Wars? My first fandom? I just can't let morals stand in the way of such things.

So I am playing SWTOR again. Even better, I'm finally playing as the Twi'lek Imperial Agent I had always dreamed of playing. I adore the Agent storyline and still really wish this had been a single player game, but that's okay. All the backstabbing and shivving I am doing makes up for that. And as if they knew I was coming, they have gone and announced their long awaited customization patch! Change my appearance? Dye my armour? Oh you guys. You know the way to my heart.


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2017 Reading Challenge
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