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Fringe, you are lucky that I love Walter so much. And Astrid and Lincoln. And Broyles and Nina. Oh okay and Olivia and Peter. And Charlie. Oh gawds Chaaaarlieeeee!

All right all right I love all of the characters! That's the only reason why I'm letting you off the hook for season 4, which we just finished this weekend.

Normally, it's my husband who is all about the unsuspension of disbelief, but he's still busy guessing the twists in each episode. But I've seen through this season. I've seen through all the carefully swept under the carpet stories and characters. I saw what you did there, switching up the Lincolns so I can have my ship!

And frankly, I am disappointed. Not as disappointed as the really crappy CGI in that cartoon episode, but close enough. There were a lot of things that could have happened and started to happen in season 4, but instead of pursuing them, we got a whole bunch of other things thrown in, including a futureshock episode, the return of David Robert Jones and culminating in the mighty "I want to make my own world because cancer made me mad" plot that saw the return of William Bell and his dinosaur love, all powered by Super Olivia.

All of the things they threw into S4 could have been great story lines, but none of them were pursued with great effort, starting with the relationship between the two universes. We started out hanging out with them, working on cases, with Olivia not trusting her alternate, but that apparently got boring. We never even bothered to pursue the anger Walternate felt about the situation that originally had him going to war. But meh. Change of heart. That's cool. And when we get bored of all that, we'll just find an excuse to close the bridge and get rid of that pesky plotline. Oh and take Lincoln with you.

And then there are all the fringe events that no longer seemed to function unless they were part of David Robert Jone's elaborate universe smashing plans. Remember the shapeshifters? We'll forget about those and move on to a collection of all the fun creatures from the past seasons. No need to figure out how they got there because we can just excuse everything as "Olvia forgot" or "Peter wasn't there."

I hope S5 makes up for this, but I won't be watching it for a while since it's not on Netflix yet. To give the show credit, I am still willing to watch S5 to find out how these things are addressed. It better end well, I tell you. I'm tired of all my fandoms letting me down in the end. I can't handle any more heart break!


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