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Dru Cross by Trisha Cezair
Lunatic's Cross
Plans are progressing for the first issue of Lunatic’s Cross, one of several comic books I’ve been working on forever with my artist friend Trisha. I finished the dialogue for the storyboards that she’d put together years ago, and am tweaking my plot details for potential future issues. Lunatic’s Cross #1 will be ready for FanExpo in August. Maybe actually producing one of our stories will motivate us to do the others. I’ve already got plans to script RuneAngel for April’s Script Frenzy.

Trisha and I met up this weekend to check out Toronto Comicon to see if she wants to set up there in the future. We determined it wasn’t quite large enough to make the set up worthwhile, but more importantly, we got to just hang out and be customers together for once, instead of working. Well, mostly. We even bought advance tickets, but gods forbid we stand in line like common folk for longer than a minute. We know waaay too many people at FanExpo to allow for that to happen! It was nice to see all those people earlier than the August show and we’re always greeted with smiles because we’re awesome like that and have been with the show since it was a one room baby at the back corner of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

I had a shopping list, but my first purchase involved being charmed by my old crush, Gambit in his new series pencilled by Clay Mann. The story wasn’t that great, but I’m a sucker for Gambit and always will be. No apologies! I was disappointed thereafter to find that none of the dealers I asked knew what Princeless was. I later accept this as fate, because I ended up at Comic Book Addiction’s tables where they not only knew of Princeless, but regularly held a Ladies Night comic book discussion group at their store and had recently discussed the book and interviewed the creator. Better still, the store is only an hour away from me and was on my way home. I don’t have a comic book store near me anymore – which is technically a good thing, if I’m trying to be a responsible adult. So today, I stopped at CBA and got lost in their TPB section and bought Saga and Ravine and Teen Titans GO! for my daughters and requested the new Marvel Oz series and signed up for the Ladies Night as well as the Kids Night events. Oh I still don’t have Princeless – but they have ordered it for me.

As we were leaving the convention on Saturday, some of our staff buddies jovially muscled by us towards two waiting minivans. We realized they were actually escorting the Star Trek TNG guests to their next destinations. Patrick Stewart was *right there* in front of us, along with LeVar Burton and Michael Dorn! The rather handsome security guard caught my eye and smiled in polite warning. I smiled seductively in return and surreptitiously signalled to Trisha. On cue, we bolted, feigning left and right and throwing our arms around our prey. “Remember when we had drinks at The Docks!” Trisha said to Michael Dorn as the guards pulled her off of him. “I love Reading Rainbow!” I cried as I was dragged away. “There are four lights!”

At least, that’s what would have happened if we were not ladies. Instead, we smiled and waved and made plans to kidnap the TNG cast in my minivan and take them to a McDonald’s drivethru. Imagine how happy Worf would be to learn that they have Shamrock Shakes again...

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  1. Good luck on the Princeless front! We should be getting more out there soon, so please don't give up!


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