Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, 13 March 2013

by Randy Martinez

... lamented my brother when he heard about Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Billy Dee Williams joining the cast of the pending Star Wars films.

Have faith! I told him, with a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm. Disney didn't fuck up the Avengers! They are smarter than you think! And remember, George is not in charge so noooo Jarjar!

The way I see it, Disney isn't stupid. They know the power of a name, which is why they've got a big name director that people are familiar with, and now they've got actors that people are familiar with. I'm betting that these guys are only going to show up for a few minutes at most in order to pass the torch. You know, just like Spock did.

I mean sure, I would have loved to see Knights of the Old Republic or Legacy on the big screen, but face it, the movie business is a business and they want to make money first, so that means making sure they can grab every possible fan they can, and not just the ones who've spent hours scanning through Wookieepedia after already having read all the books and comics and played the games.

If they cast It Girl #58789 as Jaina Solo, a casual Star Wars fan isn't going to care. But if they have Carrie Fischer and Han Solo introduce us to their daughter and then send her and her twin brother off to save the world? Well, that makes sense without stinking too badly of capitalism.

So yes, maybe I am already shoving my hopes way higher than they should be, but I figure I already had my dreams about Star Wars thoroughly dashed by George himself. I am very sure that, even if Disney doesn't quite make it to the top, they still won't ever give me Jarjar.


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