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April choices for the LeVar's Rainbow Book Club are in response to a member's request for something a little different in the science fiction category.

I was thinking earlier today that it's kind of weird how I haven't really seen any major variances from the male/female paradigm in the sci-fi I've seen. Now, I'm not a sci-fi fan and am only recently starting to explore the genre, so it's possible I'm just haven't seen enough yet. But it seems like usually even if there's really no good reason for a species to fit those categories, they do anyway in some ways.

I also find it a little strange that I haven't come across a story where there is more than one dominant intelligent life form on a single planet.

So, I'm looking for books/films/games/whatever that include any of the following as a major concept rather than just a passing thought:

1. More than two sexes present in a species
2. Gender completely separate from sex. For example, no gender variation, more than two genders (or more/fewer genders than sexes in the species), the same number of gender categories but with characteristics completely unrelated to biological sex and having equal numbers of each sex in each category.
3. Only one sex in a species, with no pair-bonding present or at least not tied to reproduction. Maybe reproducing by splitting off a copy of oneself, or maybe some sort of self-fertilization (don't flowers do that?), or some other option I haven't considered.
4. Several sapient species that developed and co-exist on a single planet.
5. Sexes present in a species do not resemble the human ones. No breasts, maybe no sexual dimorphism or very different sexual dimorphism (like different colors or patterns - think birds), etc.

Bloodchild and Other Stories by Octavia E. Butler
A perfect introduction for new readers and a must-have for avid fans, this New York Times Notable Book includes "Bloodchild," winner of both the Hugo and the Nebula awards and "Speech Sounds," winner of the Hugo Award. Appearing in print for the first time, "Amnesty" is a story of a woman named Noah who works to negotiate the tense and co-dependent relationship between humans and a species of invaders. Also new to this collection is "The Book of Martha" which asks: What would you do if God granted you the ability—and responsibility—to save humanity from itself?
Like all of Octavia Butler’s best writing, these works of the imagination are parables of the contemporary world. She proves constant in her vigil, an unblinking pessimist hoping to be proven wrong, and one of contemporary literature’s strongest voices.

The Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov
In the twenty-second century Earth obtains limitless, free energy from a source science little understands: an exchange between Earth and a parallel universe, using a process devised by the aliens. But even free energy has a price. The transference process itself will eventually lead to the destruction of Earth's Sun—and of Earth itself.
Only a few know the terrifying truth—an outcast Earth scientist, a rebellious alien inhabitant who senses the imminent annihilation of the Sun. They know the truth—but who will listen? They have foreseen the cost of abundant energy—but who will believe? These few beings, human and alien, hold the key to Earth's survival.

Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi
Agent to the Stars is a gleeful mash-up of science fiction and Hollywood satire from acclaimed novelist John Scalzi (Old Man's War), a film critic since 1991 and author of The Rough Guide to Science Fiction Film. It's a whole new look at alien encounters -- and a view of Tinseltown you've never seen before.


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