Posted by : Unknown Sunday, 3 February 2013

It officially took me one month to fiddle with my resolutions and find appropriate excuses for my breakdowns. I’m not going to say that I completely broke my resolutions, because I left ample loopholes and multiple parts to allow for occasions such as these. Plus, I can justify as necessary, citing … reasons.

It all started when I discovered that Tera was going free to play this week. Despite my initial trial where I decided I didn’t like the typical grind and lack of story, the game has always been on my mind, tempting me (you know, like every other game…). It’s terribly pretty and I really did like the combat and Mystic was a fun profession to play…

I said I wouldn’t buy a new game until I’d gone through what’s already in my library. I assumed this resolution would be lost to Steam, but while Steam has tried to tempt me, I have managed to resist (read: I already bought most of the games on my wish list last year). I’m pretty sure I won’t survive the summer sale, though. Technically speaking, I didn’t even have to mess with my resolution since Tera is going to be free, but having recently spent some time with a few free to play MMOs, other than Guild Wars, I’ve grown wary and weary of the F2P concept and all the nickel and diming involved. Tera offered a founders pack for a mere $20 … why not skip the annoyance of the constant demands for cash and try out a membership for a couple of months? Can always go free later…

So after 48 hours of downloading and patching and freeing up space on my poor PC, I was finally able to get in and create a few characters, but I didn’t play much since I’d returned to my Guild Wars 2 world completion obsession temporarily. This all happened on Sunday, when I was supposed to be reading, thereby messing up my other resolution. This I blame on my Saturday being messed up with a trip to see family and friends. I was already out of sorts, so clearly I couldn’t simply focus on reading more than a hundred pages or so.

I did write, at least! Well, I thought about writing. The whole purpose of my visit with friends was to work on an old comic book from our convention days, which we are planning to revive this year. The problem is, when we get together, very little work actually gets done, especially when Trisha starts the afternoon off with “Try this sake!” Clearly things are going to go downhill from there. But it was worth it because I had not hung out with my girlfriends in far, far too long. We sat around eating far too much food, drinking and watching crazy anime and chatting about video games, just like the good old days.


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