Posted by : Unknown Monday, 28 January 2013

Lesson learned: Stop walking away from shows because their over the top shock value intros annoy me.

I'm fairly certain that's why I didn't bother to get into Fringe when it first aired. I recall watching it, but then faces started melting off or heads started exploding and I decided it just wasn't for me. Not that I can't handle the squishy gore. I'm just more likely to be drawn in with things more subtle, like plot and character and mystery. Of course, had I but been patient, I would have found all of that in Fringe.

Fortunately, though late, I am here now, along with my husband, who is much harder to please with these shows. I suspect he was initially swayed by Kirk Acevedo who was in our favourite series, Band of Brothers, but now he's in for the long haul. He enjoys trying to solve the mysteries, and snark at the convenient plot moments, but, unlike some shows that throw in convenient plot mystery solvings like an episode of Scooby Doo, Fringe is tricksier, with an overall running plot that peels away enticingly...


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2017 Reading Challenge
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