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Last year I decided to make a resolution list filled with goals that I would enjoy, based on my interests. I've found it to be far more fun and rewarding than my usual attempts to exercise regularly or what not and succeeded in quite a few of them.

Based on last year's list, I realize that I have three main areas in which I focus and, for 2013, I want to get more serious about my fun.

Whether it be reviews and amusements in my blog and on G+, satire, headcanons and fanfics or rewrites of fandoms that I am certain the actual creators got almost entirely wrong, I am pleased with my word 2012 contribution and plan to maintain that. There won't be any NaNoWriMo, as I have determined that I have no real interest in writing a novel, but writing a graphic novel? That's my thing. So this year, I need to absolutely for certainly participate in Script Frenzy in April. It came and went last year, and I have no excuse for that happening.

I have other projects in mind, too. Depending on her availability this year, Trisha Cezair and I have briefly discussed the idea of doing more with one of our collaborations in time for FanExpo in August. I have rebirthed SheLucid, a collection of shorts - excerpts, really, that served me well over the past decade as an outlet for those little pieces of fiction that get into my head. And there is the video game that I am working on with Deacon. Oh, that's another of my resolutions: encouraging my precious writing friends to write. You know who you are and I know you want to, so I will gently push you along as I try to get more serious with my own first love.

I successfully completed my Goodreads challenge and will increase the challenge for 2013. One hundred books and comics sounds good, I think, especially with my new Kobo Mini, Penelope, which has granted me access to so many more of the books on my to-read list. I still love real books and have several in the mail as we speak, but I cannot deny Penelope's convenience.

The LeVar's Rainbow Book Club still exists and I intend to keep it that way, with January's book choices already up.

I want to make sure reading happens on a daily basis, with Sundays now being designated as a reading day. I'm not allowed to game until after the girls are asleep and I will make a greater effort to encourage the girls to read and read with them as well. Hoping to get the Reading Rainbow app for the girls when my husband gets his new iPhone.

Gaming took up a lot of my time last year, having been introduced to Mass Effect on the PC and never looking back. I intend to cut back on my gaming enough to ensure that my reading and writing priorities aren't overshadowed by it, but I still love gaming so you better believe there will be many gaming flails.

I'm currently working on the 250 Years Club with Guild Wars, in anticipation for what I hope will be fantastic expansions for Guild Wars 2. We shall see. But I have many other games to play as well - which is where the major part of my gaming resolution comes in: No matter what Steam says, I am not buying any more games until I make significant progress in my current library. To be fair to my rubber arm, I'm not going to define "significant progress."

Just to make sure we brought this part of the new year in right, digitaltempest and I decided we needed to fight a dragon.


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2017 Reading Challenge
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