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I normally avoid blogging about trending topics, but this is about Star Wars. Star Wars has been with me since birth. Like many, it is my heart and soul. Even when I stray, it is never far from my mind in any one of its many forms. Some of my first memories involve running out of the TV room at my aunt’s house any time the trash compactor monster appeared, and my brother claims that he had to take me to the bathroom at the theatre causing him to miss the entire Yoda introduction scene. Twice this week I’ve had to bust out my alpha nerd and correct people on the spelling of “Thrawn.” So the initial reaction when I learned about the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm was shock and horror.

But, after a few moments of irrational flailing, I found myself quickly coming to terms with it. We feared what the Disney purchase of Marvel meant, but that ended up giving us Joss Whedon’s Avengers. Not to mention that Star Wars has been part of Disney for a long time anyway, so this just makes it official and gives Disney control when it comes to new products and stories. Truth is, Disney couldn’t really fuck up Star Wars more than George himself did with those prequels. In fact, with him remaining as creative consultant, it means that his ideas, which are the all important seeds to this universe we love, will be tempered by the kind of constructive criticism that will say a firm “NO” to anything remotely like Jarjar Binks and midichlorians.

With the announcement of the sale came the revelation that there will also be three more Star Wars movies, Episodes VII-IX. Speculation now runs rampant on what that could mean. Well, speculation has also turned to the belief that George Lucas is actually dying. Twitter should have him dead by tomorrow. Anyway, more news says that Episodes VII-IX will be based on George’s own ideas, which have been brewing for many years. Sadly, if the sequels will be based on his ideas, that means we won’t get the Thrawn trilogy, but that’s okay. There is still so much room in the Star Wars Expanded Universe for stories and so many fantastic writers and directors that could bring them to life. Personally, I’d love to see a series that goes backwards instead, ditching the entire Organa/Solo/Skywalker brood to focus on the original Jedi Knights and the coming of the Sith, etc. I would go mad over a Knights of the Old Republic movie! Oh god… live action Kreia haunting me? OH GAWD.

From a franchising perspective (because obviously, that’s going to be huge), someone pointed out that it means Disney will have a greater stock of costumes and toys for boys, rather than just Cars and Toy Story. I noted that, on the flip side, it means girls will have greater access to costumes that are NOT princesses. Black Widow won’t be lonely! Could my girls be dressing up as Mara Jade in the future? I’m okay with this!

So, now that it’s all sunk in, I’m growing more and more excited. I’m getting to the same point of squee that I was at when George finally announced that he was working on the prequels that I’d waited forever for (he was late on his delivery, by the way, according to my Lucasfilm magazine collection that promised me prequels by the turn of the century.) It gives me a new hope for the Star Wars franchise (see what I did there?!) – hope that these sequels will mend that gaping wound left behind by the prequels’ betrayal. Maybe this means we’ll get Jedi Wookiees back. Maybe it means ….

So many possibilities….


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