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DISCLAIMER: This is a work of revisionist fanfiction for my personal entertainment (and maybe yours). X-Men, Avengers and all related characters are the property of Marvel Comics. RATING: Grown ups.
I went to bed this afternoon with a headache, trying to take a nap. Apparently, my headache was actually the seed of this monster. I concluded that Marvel messed up with AvX, so I decided to fix it. A few things that happened:

- More Emma Frost
- Less versus
- Less asshole Avengers
- Slightly more asshole Scott Summers
- More Phoenix and the White Hot Room
- More Hope Summers
- No Iron Fist or dragons
- More remembering that the Phoenix has been here before and what was done
- More Rachel Summers
- Less Wolverine
- Less Thor
- Less Thor punching kids
- Less Avengers kidnapping kids
- Less Phoekinis
- Less inappropriate divorces (for inappropriate weddings)
- Less demon pits and lobster whales
- Less out of character characters
- Less Tony sitting around drunk

The Avengers have been tracking an energy signature of immense proportions for some time now. It is the Phoenix. But this time, the Avengers are ready for it. Hank McCoy and Tony Stark, working with a similar device to the one Beast once used to control his friend Jean Grey, the original Phoenix host, they are confident that they will be able to defeat the Phoenix before it reigns its destruction on earth.

On Utopia, Scott Summers is aware of the pending arrival of the cosmic entity, as well. It is why he is pushing Hope Summers harder than ever before. He believes she is the "Mutant Messiah" that will return hope to his people. He believes the Phoenix is the ultimate proof of this and he will ensure that Hope is ready for the Phoenix, as Jean Grey never was. Emma Frost listens to her lover's rationale and agrees, but Hope is not quite convinced.

The Avengers' attempt to detain the Phoenix fails and Hope is already manifesting its powers. Captain America approaches Cyclops to discuss the situation. They argue in private, but outside the briefing room, Hope hears it all, channeling Emma's telepathy. "They are discussing your fate, messiah," Emma says, "It is only fitting that you be a part of that discussion." As the argument in the room heats up, so too do Hope's emotions and she manifests once again, ripping the room apart and confronting the men who would control her life. She threatens and almost destroys them both, but pulls herself back at the last moment, fearfully realizing what she has done. She runs away. Captain America determines that they should work together to find her, but Cyclops refuses. The race is on.

Wolverine gets to Hope first, with the help of Rachel Summers, to whom the Phoenix still echoes. Rachel promises to help Hope, believing that Cyclops is right about what the Phoenix is capable of achieving through Hope. Hope knows the history of the Phoenix and knows that Logan is the only one she can count on to do what must be done if she fails. Logan makes his promise, but betrays her to Captain America while she sleeps. Rachel is furious and brands Logan a traitor to the X-Men and mutantkind when they are ambushed on the moon by the Avengers, who now have a modified version of the weapon Jean used to sacrifice herself there years before; Beast and Iron Man's "Plan B." Their new weapon is intended to stop the Phoenix without killing the host.

Cyclops and his full team arrive on the moon. A battle ensues as the Phoenix Force approaches and Hope begins to lose control, begging Wolverine to end her life.
Iron Man fires the weapon prematurely, with the Phoenix not quite bonded with its host yet. Both Rachel and Scott jump in the way of the beam, which passes through Rachel and splinters after hitting Scott, before seemingly engulfing everyone in a brilliant light.
In the White Hot Room, Hope awakens to the voice of a curious and confused Phoenix Force who determines that Hope is not ready for this gift. Rachel appears and the Phoenix decides that she, too, is not worthy. Cyclops appears then and the Phoenix is given pause. It recognizes him from its previous host and sees in his mind the reflection of the gift the Phoenix wishes to give; the atonement that Rachel failed to bring. But before the Phoenix can grant Cyclops the powers, Emma appears. Unlike the others, it is clearly a strain for her to be there, but she presses on, warning Cyclops not to accept because she fears the path it will lead him down. Scott accuses her of backing out on him now. She eventually relents, holding out her hand and telling him that he cannot do this alone....

When the dust clears on the moon, Scott and Emma share the power of the Phoenix. Rachel is unconscious on the surface and Hope has vanished.

Cyclops and Emma proceed to "fix" the planet. T'Challa addresses Storm and the Avengers, following a United Nations meeting where Cyclops and Emma laid down ultimatums and introduced their "Pax Utopia" plans. Storm admits that she is concerned about where this is heading, but can anyone deny the good they are doing? The only thing the teams can do at this point is monitor the couple and avoid provoking them in a way that might lead them down the dark path sooner, rather than later. No one believes the darkness won't come eventually.

There is still no sign of Hope.
Emma is alone in a desert, telepathically speaking to someone unknown. She believes in Scott and the cause to protect mutantkind. She meant to be Scott's anchor. She meant to help him hold on to his humanity. But she confesses that she loves the power she wields and knows what she is capable of doing with it.  The unseen companion tells her that she still can be these things to Scott, reminding her that she has faced the Phoenix before. She points out that she lost then, but the voice reminds her that now, her heart is in a different place. She implies that perhaps, she does not want it to be and cuts off the telepathic connection.

Scott finds her then and she informs him that they aren't doing enough for mutantkind. They aren't doing enough to pave the way for Hope. Mutantkind is still hated and feared. If Hope is to bring about the rebirth of mutantkind, how can they allow a world that still hates and fears them to exist? Scott brushes off her concerns, believing that the peace they have brought thus far will endure. Emma tells him that it will last only so long as Rachel Summers remains unconscious.

Emma's voice calls to her and Rachel Summers awakens. She reveals that Hope is trapped in the White Hot Room, as The Scarlet Witch enters, presenting her premonition of destruction at the hands of the Phoenix Force. Rachel is still angry with Wolverine, but she stays with the Avengers to help Hope.

Storm tells Scott and Emma that they must find a way to rescue Hope, but Scott reveals that he knows exactly where Hope is, explaining that the Phoenix Force has granted them this power while it prepares Hope for her destiny. They serve as emissaries and will not not tolerate attempts to stop them and consider attempts to "rescue" Hope to be betrayal. Storm is horrified by Hope's imprisonment. She and several X-Men escape to work with the Avengers to rescue Hope. Namor, Psylocke, Danger, Magneto and a few others remain. Emma watches Storm leave.
The Avengers battle their way through Cyclops and the X-Men to rescue Hope. Wanda tries to warn Cyclops of the future but he reminds her that mutantkind had no future because of her, but the Phoenix has seen fit to fix Wanda's mistake.

The Avengers manage to get Hope away when she chooses to go with them and Scott and Emma are hurt by Wanda's powers. Cyclops declares war on the Avengers, branding  them and anyone who supports them enemies of mutantkind as he vows to get Hope back.

Magneto summons Charles Xavier to Utopia to talk sense into Scott. Xavier expresses his concerns over Scott's motivations, but Scott argues that this is what Xavier raised him for. Xavier also speaks with Emma, who says she was wrong to contact him before. Neither she, nor Scott have need of his help as they know what is best for mutantkind. Scott is angry with Emma when he learns that she has spoken with Xavier about him; that she had doubted him. Emma confesses that she feared what the Phoenix Force would do to Scott, but Scott snaps back at her that there is only one person who had the right to question him. Emma knows of whom he speaks and seethes as she watches him depart.

Scott consults Jean Grey for affirmation. Confident in his decisions, he returns to the task of retrieving Hope - which turns out to be more difficult than it ought to be thanks to the machinations of Beast and Iron Man, combined with the powers of Rachel and Wanda.

Meanwhile, Hope and Wanda overcome their issues and begin to train together with Rachel to prepare her for the task ahead.

More and more X-Men leave Scott and Emma's side, fearful of what they are becoming as their frustration in not finding Hope manifests in destruction, culminating in Emma's whisperings in Namor's ear that lead to the destruction of Wakanda.
Emma sinks further and further into darkness and tries to take Scott with her, even as she tries to stop herself.
But Scott is bound to his mission now, having decided that Hope is no longer necessary. He can do what needs to be done for mutantkind without a messiah.

And without Emma Frost.

As her powers flow into Scott, Emma reaches out to Xavier. She tried before to manipulate and overcome the Phoenix and failed then, but with Xavier's help, perhaps they can defeat him together.

The Avengers and X-Men take the battle to Scott and throw everything they have at him as Xavier tries to reach into his mind with Emma's help, but Scott is the Dark Phoenix now, and he has no need for Charles Xavier, either.
As Dark Phoenix, Scott goes on a global rampage that threatens to destroy the entire planet until Wanda and Hope finally arrive to take him down. Channeling Wanda's powers, Hope manages to knock Scott out.
As Scott falls, he has a moment of clarity and realizes what he has done, but he makes no apologies. Instead, he turns to Hope and tells her that she is indeed ready, before collapsing. Hope's moment finally arrives and she embraces the Phoenix Force, threatening to become the White Phoenix.
But Wanda and Rachel remain at her side and talk her down. Wanda takes her by the hands and together, they correct not only Scott's destruction, but, unbeknownst to them, Wanda's mistake as well.
In the aftermath, Scott Summers and Emma Frost stand apart in a large cell. Above them, Beast, Magneto, Storm and Captain America discuss their fate.

Hope turns up at The Jean Grey Academy. She no longer has any powers, but she still wishes to learn and no longer wishes to fight. She just wants to be a normal girl.

Somewhere, a baby is born with the mutant gene...

And another...

And another....

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  1. Loved your recap. Long and detailed and worth the read. You also kept your personal opinion out of the recap which works fine, because now in a separate post you can discuss it if you want.



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