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Penn Stassi
They say Penn was blessed by Lyssa at birth, but it is death that seems to follow her. Losing her parents early on, she ended up at the Queen’s Heart Orphanage, where she became fast friends with an older girl named Deborah. Lord and Lady Stassi, unable to have children of their own, went to the orphanage to adopt a daughter and ended up with two. Where Deborah was always the outgoing one, intent on becoming a Seraph – much to her mother’s chagrin – Penn was more introverted and was often troubled by her dreams, even, it seemed, in waking hours. A chance meeting with a scholar led her to necromancy where she learned of her Ascalonian heritage and her connection to the spirits haunting Ascalon City.

When Penn was a teenager, Deborah was killed in what should have been a routine patrol. Her death struck the Stassi family hard and both Lord and Lady Stassi fell into depression that ultimately brought on their own deaths. But Penn refused to believe that Deborah was dead, as her body had never been recovered and Penn could find no signs of her spirit. Penn did her best to maintain the nobility of the Stassi name, showing face at the tedious parties around town, but in her spare time, she traveled deeper and deeper into the Mists, splintering her own spirit in her continued quest to find any possible clue about Deborah…

Daganey the Displaced
Twenty-two years ago, a Separatist woman, disillusioned by the cause of her kin and tormented by the spirits of Ascalon, escaped the war-ravaged Diessa Plateau into the Wayfarer Foothills where she met and fell in love with a Son of Svanir. Not long after, she was found by her brother and returned to their Ascalonian camps. The woman soon found she was with child. Desperate to keep her baby from a war that ended long ago, she escaped again, this time to the Black Citadel. Hoping to prevent more violence, she revealed the location of one of the Separatist camps to a leader of the Iron Legion, expecting him to seek parley, as he promised. Too late, she discovered his true intention and by the time she reached the camp, she found her people dead or captured. One of the Iron Legion soldiers took pity on her and took her back to his warband. She gave birth to her child, but, in despair over all she had lost, she did not recover.

Raised by Ruce Battleborn, Daganey became a skilled ranger, well loved by many but always an outsider. Her size made it clear she was not merely a human, but Ruce could tell Daganey nothing of her past. Finally, the great Bear spirit came to Daganey in a dream, pointing her to the snowy lands of the Norn...

Breelee awoke at Noon to the voice of Caithe summoning her to help defeat the darkness that was infesting the Dream. Rising quickly to action, Breelee helped vanquish the foe and made her way to The Grove, where she learned that the Green Knight she’d seen in her Dream was indeed real and a member of the Nightmare Court. Captivated by his noble appearance but appalled by his cowardly actions and the evils of the Nightmare Court, Breelee swore to defeat the Green Knight and become a great warrior herself, with fancy armour she could wear proudly. But while Caithe tries to guide her towards her goal, Breelee finds herself constantly distracted by the fascinating world around her. She recently met a little asuran woman whose curiosity is almost as insatiable as her own… 

Xadie Rouge
Frustrated by her meagre portfolio despite her many inventions (which she does not consider failures just because they didn’t work exactly as intended), Xadie Rouge was determined to earn her place within the College of Dynamics, but the recent events that earned her the Snaff Prize, also made her curious about the Inquest and their questionable ways. While she believes Inquest’s methods are wrong, Xadie is unsure that the idea of using sentients in their experimentation is wrong itself, if done correctly and respectfully. This is why she readily agreed to help Kazz fuse himself with the O.M.I.G. to be with his love, Doxa. She continue to help Zojja, while secretly researching Teyo and the Inquest. When an Inquest recruiter approached her and Xadie found herself strongly considering his offer, she decided to remove herself from the temptation and headed off into the world to explore and learn about the inventions of other races, taking particular interest in humans…

Vehrlune Runeseeker
Vehrlune is descended from a long line of shaman dedicated to the Sacred Raven spirit. Her descendants have long guarded the Mists and the secrets and magics of their people. This sacred responsibility has been passed on to Vehrlune, however, unlike the others, Raven does not seem content to let Vehrlune linger among her people. He whispers to her, telling her she needs to venture forth and collect more magics, for the Norn alone are not enough to defeat the darkness looming over all of Tyria. In the few times she has been able to cross into the Mists, Vehrlune has caught glimpses of two women: a human necromancer, and a strange Norn woman who seems oblivious to the spirits that watch over her…


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2017 Reading Challenge
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