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My time spent with Batman caused me to grossly overestimate my skills and my perseverance, resulting in the vaunted belief that I was up for the challenges of Dark Souls. Also, it was half the price of Dragon’s Dogma. Decisions.

I knew what Dark Souls entailed and expected a lot of flailing and even possible ragequit table flips.

But I was determined! Dark Souls would be my gaming street cred! It would be my “these are my numbers, bitches!” to prove that I was, indeed, a real gamer, even though I have a vagina. (The clerk at EB Games noted how happy he was to see a female trying out Dark Souls, as he knew so few of his female gamer friends who were willing to risk it.)

Well willing I was. I struggled through the “tutorial,” but, with the help of the messages inscribed on the ground, and some carefully timed dodges, I managed to escape my prison and head into the world.

From there, I took the path of obvious resistance and made it to the very top. Repeatedly. Again. And again. Because this is where Dark Souls drains your soul. If you fail, you have to go allllllll the way back to your last campfire and fight everything over again. There are no saves. No tricks. You keep going till you find another campfire, or you go back to the last one and hope that you can pick up everything you lost in your previous death when you get back there.
Thank you, Captain Obvious.
But I kept going, appreciating the entire concept of the game even as I yelled at it.

I probably should have heeded the wisdom of a message scrawled on the steps I marched up far too many times: “This game… I can’t even…”

My husband, master of the many saves, watched in head shaking sympathy as I persisted and tried not to laugh when I discovered that one campfire way up in the tower that would have saved me a lot of heartache and pain.

Then Guild Wars 2 came out and I traded this bitch in and moved on with my life.


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