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The Blue Sword (Damar, #1)The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley
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This is the third book by Robin Mckinley that I have read and I’ve come to notice a formula she seems to follow:

  • Protagonist doesn’t quite fit in with her surroundings
  • Protagonist removed from her surroundings
  • Protagonist discovers her heritage, which conveniently comes with ample powers
  • Protagonist is BFFs with animals, who’ll always come to her aid
  • Protagonist fulfills her destiny and defeats the Big Bad (with the aid of the animals and a massive display of said ample powers)
  • Protagonist returns to life as usual.
Patty Hurst syndrome aside, The Blue Sword handles this pattern better than the other two books, one of which is its prequel, The Hero and the Crown. Harry’s transition from Outlander to Hillfolk, is not as drastic and sudden as Aerin’s was, and we even got a moment where, upon her return to the Outlanders, one of them notes how much she has changed. In the end, the unseen, but apparently vastly powerful enemy – also part of McKinley’s patterns – is defeated by a mighty show of power from Harry and all is well with the world.

Not a bad read, but, having dealt with the patterns this often, I fear it will be the last of her books that I’ll read for some time.

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