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FanExpo is the only time I get to see some of my friends, and this time, I brought the whole family. It was Panda’s first time at the convention so she was very excited, but, at the last minute, she opted not to cosplay as Wonder Woman. Instead, we hunted around for Wonder Woman cosplayers and were rewarded with this lovely lady, and later a lovely Starfire. Bunny is too shy to pose for pictures with strangers, while Panda seemed to gravitate towards the hotties, or at least was far less hesitant about posing with them.

We went on Sunday to avoid the craziness of the Saturday, which is, unsurprisingly, the busiest day of the convention. I am spoiled with line bypass, but I was truly amazed by the complaints popping up on Twitter from people who thought showing up at noonish without pre-purchased tickets for the aforementioned busiest day of the convention was a good idea. Typical bitching ensued, and I resisted the urge to point out just how massive an undertaking running such an event is and how snapping ones fingers doesn’t actually work to make the logistical problems fall in line. Fortunately, despite the continually increasing attendance, none of the major problems of past years, such as over capacity causing the fire department to close admissions for a few hours, happened this year and when we were leaving, I was mostly just seeing tired but happy faces on all sides. And I can’t help but be proud of my friend over how big the show has become over the past decade.

Panda and I did get to try out a few things, including Avengers: Battle for Earth at which I totally kicked her ass (okay okay it was close). We didn’t get to partake of Stan Lee’s cake, or touch the hem of his garment as I would surely have loved to do, but that’s okay. Just knowing I was in the same general vicinity as the Great God of Geekery is enough for me.

Steampunk is a thing now at FanExpo and the Toronto Steampunk Society was there in full force with booths, displays and panels. J liked the steampunk stuff and I now have ideas about Isabela forming in my head and must do some research. Bunny got to surprise J.M. Frey at her booth in that area by requesting an autograph of her Belle costume of the previous year. I also chatted briefly with one of my favourite authors, Kelley Armstrong. I’ve been out of the loop with her Otherworld stories for a while, and was very pleased to discover that casting is soon to be underway for a television series. After Lost Girl (the cast of which I really need to make sure I see next year), I’m quite happy to see more Canadian-based supernatural shows getting some attention. And I’m not at all opposed to seeing live action Elena, Clay and Jeremy. I was curious about Armstrong’s involvement in the show itself. I always worry that great stories will be swept away from their creators, like EarthSea, if the creator isn’t involved enough. She noted that she had seen the pilot (and didn’t seem bothered by it), but she specifically did not want to be part of the casting, because she felt her idea of how her characters should look would cause her too much bias. I was glad to hear that she was able to let that go since often times, an actor can fully grasp the character without actually looking just like the book’s description – though I do hope there is some adherence for Elena, especially. Armstrong had made a point of having female characters that often did not fit the mould.

Not being as involved as I used to be, I’ve missed out on a lot of the good stuff, but next year, plans are in place to change that. I need to hang with my girls again (my big girls, not my daughters) and relive our good old convention days with Trisha and her sister at their booth. We’re older and more mature now, but that can only go so far with us….


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