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The Time MachineThe Time Machine by H.G. Wells
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This was a difficult book for me to get into initially, due to the scientific and mathematical chatter in the first chapter. I managed to trudge through, as it did not last long and the Time Traveller was off and returned from his adventure soon enough.

The narrative then became quite verbose and descriptive, as is to be expected since the Time Traveller was describing his experience. At times, it perhaps felt a bit over embellished, but not enough for me to truly claim that to be a negative in the story.

What I did enjoy most was the way the Time Traveller would make immediate speculations upon something he finds, but then quickly explain that, upon further inspection or later discoveries, that his theories are so very wrong. Ultimately, he does not come to any solid conclusions, allowing the reader to speculate on what this future means for its past.

In light of this being considered the first true science fiction novel, I can see it being rather impressive. A whole new world and the reader gets to listen to the Time Traveller’s story in the same manner as the journalists, medical men and scientists whom he tells it to. I imagine the reaction of the readers at that time was very similar to those in the book.

But, goodness, it was nothing like the movie at all…!

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