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I checked out the Tera Online trial last week, lured in by the pretty. I'm not even going to bother to talk about the overly sexualized outfits, but the scenery is breathtaking. I initially started as a castanic slayer and played through the level 20 demo. It was intriguing enough, to keep going, but I switched to an amani mystic instead to check out the 'red mage' type role that I have grown so fond of. While I enjoyed the melee of the slayer - the heavy swings and the nimble evades - mystic was definitely fun. A cross between a summoner and a red mage, really, it is considered a support role and I can see it being in high demand for its buffs and DoTs. I particularly loved the healing, which came in the form of motes dropped on the ground for party members to pick up, putting the onus on the team to handle their healing responsibly, once the mystic lays it down. The thrall summoned was surprisingly resilient, which I'm not used to. It actually could hold its own and hold hate.  
Combat is definitely this game's strong point and I'm definitely adding it to the MMO I will make one day. This is not for the casual player to push a button and walk away. You have to be actively targeting and very aware of AoE. Many spells and abilities are specifically AoE. Having not played in a serious party setting, I have no idea how that would work in terms of crowd control and a tank keeping hate, but I did appreciate the amount of responsibility placed on each player to avoid damage. You can read the mobs and know when they will attack and use your class specific evades to avoid said attack (or just move away). Staying still means death. 
Crafting might have been good, but I didn't really get into it beyond gathering. I did appreciate that you could gather anything and that the gathering actually gave you bonuses, not to mention experience points. 

Unfortunately, that's about it for what I enjoyed about the game. There is supposedly a story, and quests pertaining to it are marked with red icons and the angle of the camera changes when you chat with those NPCs, but otherwise, the do not differ from the myriad of other quests in the game, all of which are of the "kill # things!" variety. Gets old. Fast. More so if this is where you always start for every character
I managed to make it to level 13 and have Commander Bailey Colonel Tigh Samuel point his sword at me and mock my affinity for piglings. At least I was in a new city and could check out the travel options, but sure enough, I was back to killing # things in my never ending search for Elleon, whom I'm pretty sure doesn't want to be found.


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