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These are the women I tell my daughters about.
In my post regarding Felicia Day not being my poster girl for female geek culture, I listed several ladies whom I feel better represent my personal geek ideals. I later came to the conclusion that, if we must prove to the masses that we have more representatives than just Felicia Day, then it's up to us to make sure we get their names and works out there all the time - not just when they fall victim to harassment.

These women are your sisters, mothers, wives, cousins, friends - they are just as geek as any of us and are real people who deserve to be treated with respect. This is a list of a few of the women whom I would consider to be my poster girls. You may not know them, but not being as popular as another does not serve to discredit their geek status or their contributions to the industries we love. Click the links and remove your ignorance. Make your own list and spread the word.

ANN NOCENTI: "An American journalist, writer, editor, and filmmaker best known for her work on comic books and magazines. As an editor for Marvel Comics, she edited New Mutants and The Uncanny X-Men. With artist collaborators, she created such Marvel characters as Typhoid Mary, Blackheart, Longshot, Mojo and Spiral." Nocenti wrote one of my favourite and most defining moments for the White Queen and is currently taking over the reigns of DC's new Catwoman. "Nocenti is particularly noted for her outspoken political views. Some focus on the status of women in society, as well as the role of government in Nocenti's work."

AISHA TYLER: Actress, voice actress, comedian, writer and Halo fan, Tyler runs a weekly podcast called Girl on Guy where she chats with guys about the things guys (and girls) love, including sex, video games, comic books, fast cars and blowing shit up. I love her in-your-face honesty about all the things she loves and hates, including the haters. Yup.

BURNYOURBRA: "BurnYourBra has opened the eyes of many in the fighting game community in regards to the “female gamer.” With her performance at EVO, she will help in of ushering a new era in competitive gaming as she is proof of what happens when you believe in yourself and push yourself to get past the stereotype being a female and not taken serious as a competitor."

AMANDA CONNER: The list of comics and characters she has drawn continues to grow, with Power Girl being one of the most well known. She is the first female artist to appear on Wizard magazine's Top 100 Artists list. "With a unique synthesis of humor, sass and sexiness, Conner's expressions of female characters are as empowering as they are endearing, making her an inspiration to fellow professionals, comics fans and cosplayers alike." [x] And she's a load of fun to hang out with.

JENNIFER HEPLERIf I had to pick a single thing that I love about Bioware it would be its storytelling and characters (yes, I know that's two things!) and I am pleased to find that there are women like Hepler directly responsible for that. Hepler is a senior writer at Bioware and responsible for many parts of Dragon Age: Origins, stories and characters in Dragon Age II and various planet storylines and characters in SWTOR.

ANITA SARKEESIAN: I generally shy away from things stamped with the word "feminism" because sometimes, they can get a bit crazy. Having recently come to know about her, I can't say that Sarkneesian fits into that category. Sarkeesian is a feminist pop culture media critic and creator of the video blog Feminist Frequency, which includes the series "Tropes vs. Women," examining the use of tropes to depict women in film and video games, with particular focus on science fiction. She is currently working on a Kickstarter project called Tropes vs. Women in Video Games.

GAIL SIMONE: Simone is a comic writer who garnered attention with her Women in Refrigerators website. She continues to write some of DC's best stories, including Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey, lovingly caring for our favourites, even when we have our doubts. She is outspoken on many issues raised within the industry and up close and personal with the fans.


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