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Day 21 - Game with the best story.
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The Imperial Agent storyline in SWTOR. Many proclaim it the best of all the classes, and I won’t deny that. The Agent’s is the only story that directly deals with the major overall conflict of SWTOR, and yet remains just as personal as the other class stories. I was so happy with the story and how it seemed to understand how I wanted to play my Agent, offering choices that reflected my Agent’s views right up until the end, while still twisting and turning and forcing the Agent to truly question her purpose and herself. And the Agent’s companions! The best in the game! So unique and deadly and the personification of the need for Imperial Intelligence’s motto: “Trust no one.”

Special mention goes to Dragon Age: Origins. My opinion on this is now skewed thanks to reading the two prequel books, The Stolen Throne and The Calling, as well as the comic, The Silent Grove, and I am patiently waiting for its sequel, Those Who Speak, but the fact is, I would not have read any of those if I had not fallen in love with the story and characters in the original game. I actually started reading The Stolen Throne specifically because of one character, Loghain Mac Tyr. I wanted to know more about him and what might have caused him to do what he did at Ostagar. I was not disappointed in what I learned, and was further pleased to learn about other important characters in the history of Ferelden.

Day 22 - A game sequel which disappointed you. 
The easy answer is Dragon Age II, but I’m going to go with Little Big Planet 2. I loved LBP so I was quick to pick up the sequel, but was quickly disappointed as I quickly finished the game. Instead of all the fun puzzles and challenges of LBP, the sequel basically presented some cool new gadgets to master in each level, each level ended with a boss you had to shoot at to kill, then rinse and repeat. The grapple was the most annoyingly frustrating invention ever and I have no desire to replay this game for the sake of 100%ing the way I did with LBP. It was particularly disappointing for my daughters who couldn’t really play it at all. Not that LBP was easy enough that a 6- and 4yo could handle it, but they could at least play the first few levels, as well as the levels I built for them. I considered building a level in LBP2 for them, but found it too complex. LBP2 and all its accoutrements was evidently created for the much more skilled level creators, which is fine, but I think the players lost out because of the greater focus on the creators.

Day 23 - Game you think had the best graphics or art style.
Anything involving Final Fantasy is the obvious response for me, but, no matter how striking their imagery is, it is really not new. It is not unique. Valkyria Chronicles, though. Now that’s a beautiful game that embraces simplicity, even beginning and ending its opening with simple lines on paper.

Day 24 - Favorite classic game.
My thoughts always go back to Below the Root which I used to play in grade 6 on the classroom C-64. It was my first RPG, though I didn’t understand that then. The only thing that mattered was pensing the monkeys and the bunnies. I tried reading the book recently, but found it too pedantic.

Day 25 - A game you plan on playing.
The list keeps growing, but in the immediate future are The Witcher, The Darkness II, Jade Empire, Deus Ex, Bioshock ... damn Steam sales ... and Guild Wars 2 is tempting me, even though I said more more MMOs....


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2017 Reading Challenge
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