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Day 16 - Game with the best cut scenes.
Final Fantasy XIII’s cut scenes were so good that they ruined the game. As beautiful as they were, it became very frustrating for my husband to play and me to merely watch as he tried to get through the first 20 hours of game “play” which was constantly interrupted by the imagery. The avatars/summons remain a highlight for every Final Fantasy game and this game took them to yet another level. We held out long enough with this game to see Shiva. I didn’t mind that the sisters were connected to Snow. I almost got sucked into playing FFXIII-2, once again, because of the pretty.

Honourable mention goes to the comic book pages for DCUO. The introduction for the game and further trailers feature amazing graphics and storytelling that is typical of games now, but the static comic book pages that follow mission and quest completions were all about bringing the game back to its roots.

Day 17 - Favorite antagonist.
She’s actually one of the good guys, but from the moment you first meet her and she tries to blackmail you and frame you for murder, you know that Dr. Shantotto from Final Fantasy XI is one dangerous and powerful little bitchy-witchy. Her every appearance is either punctuated with that mocking little laugh, or a dramatic display of black magic that reminds you she’s not to be trifled with. Is it really any surprise when she returns to Windhurst and proclaims herself ruler of her own empire? A Shantotto Ascension was one of the last things I completed before quitting FFXI. Fighting not one, but TWO Shantotto’s was ridiculously difficult, despite higher levels and maxed out stats. But when, after many attempts, my party finally brought them to their knees and halted the potential destruction of Mecha Shantotto, there was much cheering in the land and I got a sexy new pair of pants.

Runner up: Hunter (spoilers) from SWTOR. A true foil to the Imperial Agent.

Day 18 - Favorite protagonist.
While the player controls her decisions and shapes her personality through renegade and paragon choices, Commander Shepard has never been a blank slate. At its core, the character is strong, a true soldier, who’s willing to fight and die for the cause, no matter the odds. There is a reason why so many are willing to stand by Shepard’s side. I have to give Jennifer Hale a lot of credit for making FemShep specifically such an incredible character. She brings so much emotion and depth to the character, whether it be in yelling at the Council moments or taking care of her crew or dancin’ like there’s no tomorrow.

So far, it’s impossible for me not to fall for Alistair Thierin, no matter how many playthroughs I say I’m going to avoid it. His charm is irresistible. Apparently, it’s a genetic trait passed down from his father. I always feel guilty pushing him onto the throne, knowing that he’s spent his whole life being forced into situations he’s never wanted, but I do it because the kingdom needs a man like him on the throne as much as it needs the the Thierin bloodline. He genuinely good person who never puts himself above others, much like Maric was. He is compassionate, a skilled warrior, a man who can see reason and when he is tasked at something, he will embrace and excel at it. Throughout the game, he avoids leadership, but when he is given the reigns, he does not shy away from it. My guilt in forcing him onto the throne is alleviated by this and the fact that my headcanon never leaves him there alone. Above all things, Alistair wants to belong; he wants to be loved, and while the throne might seem to be the place to find none of this, hence his reluctance, my Wardens would never abandon him to this fate, and I love how happy and relieved he is when he realizes that. In my headcanon, he has both my Wardens for support, both as friends and one as his queen. He also has Eamon and Teagan, too, to help him with the important stuff.

Day 19 - Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in.

Day 20 - Favorite genre.
Fantasy RPG.


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